And…..we’re back!!

IMG_1598.JPGAll moved!  Still have lots of crap to fix.  My desk and crafting area.  Some toys…some stuff in the bedrooms.  A place for everything and everything in its place, yadda yadda!

We have a winner on our blog contest!!!  Mrs. Fife!  Did you actually break out the same tools and weigh them yourself?  With maybe the same tool bag??  GEESH!!  NOBODY, not even Necia, knew the weight so no one could’ve blown you a hint….Mrs. Fife guessed 15.35 oz.  The true weight is 15.7 oz!

NICE GUESSING and congrats!  Email me your addy so that I can send you some yarn love!  😀

Thanks to everyone for participating.

BTW: Did ya’ll know that Knit Picks puts a little elf inside each skein of Dancing yarn so that the elf will spin up yarn as you knit it forcing the skein to be NEVER ENDING???  I’ve been ribbing like a mofo until this yarn finishes….but it’s not finishing!!  WTF!

2 thoughts on “And…..we’re back!!”

  1. Wowie! Yippee! Yowza! Hurrah! um, add any other similar words. What fun 🙂 Now I can’t remember why I chose – ah yes, I think it might have been the time when I guessed, you know, 3:35 in the afternoon?
    Sending you my address right away. 😀

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