Yarn Pr0n Friday

Here’s some sock yarn that I was lucky enough to win in a contest on Alyson’s blog. Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Alpine colorway.

Bearfoot (1)Bearfoot (3)

Bearfoot (2)Bearfoot

The pictures were taken at different times but the second one in the first row shows the TRUE true blue of this yarn. It’s sooo lovely! I started a pair of socks yesterday with it. Negative Bricks Socks by Sockbug. She says on the pattern that she made those socks with 64 sts and they are too large for an average woman’s foot. I have large feet, size 11 to be exact, and while I was casting on for my short row toes to make these toe-up, I cast on for 64 on size 1 addi’s and was like OH HEEELL NO. WAAAY too big. Had to take off a few sts. Still too big. When I was done removing sts and looking at it, I went with 48 sts. Let’s see how that goes. I think it’s the yarn. But I’m loving how soft and cozy the socks are coming out. I think I’ll be buying more of this yarn.


Perfect Pie Shawl Start (2) Perfect Pie Shawl Start

We have a winner ya’ll! Perfect Pie Shawl from Weekend Knitting recommended by Jeanine was started yesterday. So Ms. J will be the lucky recipient of some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn!! WOO HOO!! Thanks for all of your suggestions. Ya’ll succeeded in making my To-Do list so large that I had to separate it into sections! LOLSchaefer AnneI started the shawl last night in the Schaeffer Anne and I couldn’t figure out how the HELL you were supposed to make all these wedges all attached! I get it now! You’re knitting SIDEWAYS! DUH! This shawl is gonna fly by! I’m making Necia do a KAL with me. LOL Anyone else wanna join us?

7 thoughts on “Yarn Pr0n Friday”

  1. Oooh, starting already? I’m so curious to see how it knits up….’cause I’ve never actually knit with this yarn. 🙂 (I think you asked me about that and I completely failed to answer.) I have three or four skeins still, and it’s one of my friend’s favorite yarns to knit with….I started a Pomatomatopotomus with it once, but I thought I was doing it all wrong and frogged it. (Yarn looked good up til then, though….and in retrospect, I don’t think I was doing a damned thing wrong.)

    Gonna have to go home and check my Weekend Knitting….I never thumbed through that one when I was on my last shawl mission.

  2. Yay I won!!!!!!

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this shawl. I wanna knit along with yall too! I don’t think I’d be able to keep up. I’ve got 4 projects on the needles.


  3. That is some really pretty yarn! Can’t wait to see how the shawl comes along. The color you’ve chosen is very pretty.

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