Que Viva Rhinebeck! – Part Deux

While we were waiting to pay at for our Socks That Rock, we saw the Yarn Harlot. I sent Necia to ask her if the guy that makes the sock suitcases was there this year. Stephanie told Necia to let me down easily cuz no he sure as hell wasn’t there! I was super disappointed.After paying for my yarn, we were wandering around and I found this other booth with wooden needle cases, Golding. IMAGE_00105Tom Golding said he could definitely cut a slit into one of his needle holders. No problem. And that he would ship it to me. Sure enough, last week I got my case. Ain’t it a beaut??? Don’t hate now! LOL Disregard the crappy ass picture!  (On a side note: I did find another couple that makes these but they don’t have a website. You have to email them to order. I paid $37.50 for Golding’s and I’m paying $25 plus shipping for the other one I ordered. If you want info on them, email me.)

Basket of LootWhile at Golding, Jeanine saw these GORGEOUS baskets laying on the floor. So she picked one up to admire it and this lady says, “You can get them from this African man in the next building.” Basically, she told Jeanine, “Get yo hands off my basket, weirdo and get your own!!!” LMAO Jeanine was all flustered and was like SOOOO SORRY and off we went to find our own baskets. We cut a deal with the lovely man and four of us got baskets. Ain’t it fly?

From then on it was a free for all. We divided up spinners (Tawanna and Necia) and mostly knitters (Iraida, Jeanine and I). We had a freakin blast. Iraida and Jeanine are hilarious ya’ll!!! More SheepSheep Poop!We took pix of sheep, and sheep poop, and sheep balls. LOL While snapping pix I started knitting on my socks. Jeanine pulled out her Hourglass sweater to measure it, and Iraida says, “Are people still knitting that???” I practically choked and coughed up a lung laughing so hard because Jeanine’s expression was like YES PEOPLE ARE STILL KNITTING THAT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Those two! LOL

Iraida wanted some fried artichokes. Yes, I wrinkled my nose just like you just did at first but they’re not half bad. I tried one. Iraida liked them, too.


I bought the kids some apple cider which we’d never had before. That was good, too.

Ya’ll already know how much yarn I purchased. LOL If you don’t go check out my updated Current Stash. HA!
Check out this haul!!When we all reconvened later that afternoon, we had backpacks, bags and baskets full of goodies. We went back to the car to take pix and then to dinner at a pizza shop where the waitress SUCKED. I dunno WHAT she was smoking but we had to tell her like four times to bring the fucking bread that went with Necia’s plate!! DUDE! LOL Shopping overdoseWe were TY-YUD from all that shopping. But we still knit!! Shopping overdose
About 8 something we’re going back towards the highway to NY and we pass this BRIGHTLY lit store in the middle of nowhere and I was like, “Is that….YARN in the window??? OH SHIT!! Morehouse Merino Farm and they’re OPEN!!!” SCREEEEECH go the tires on the van as I pulled the only Brooklyn U-Turn and pulled into a “parking spot” and inside we went!!! Amy Singer, Debbie Stoller, Melanie Falick, and several others were there having the mother of all book-signings. I bought some Merino laceweight, the IK Holiday Gift Issue and this cute scarf pattern for the girls. We had some hot cider, walked around and talked for a bit. Oh, and I showed Melanie my in-process Perfect Pie Shawl and she said it looked like a good yarn choice. 😀

Then we finally left. Finally headed back to The City. When I finally got home, I was soooo tired but still so high on adrenaline that I couldn’t fall asleep!!! When my body finally tired itself out, I dreamt wonderful yarny dreams. 😀


Happy Sigh....

6 thoughts on “Que Viva Rhinebeck! – Part Deux”

  1. That sounds like an entirely FUN trip. Wow!

    And my word verification says “additurbo”! Has it been rigged?! I’ve heard so much about those needles…

  2. Ha! Additurbo?! Did you set this up?

    Anyway, I would love to see the pattern posted. I’m going to make some for myself and I like the break in the pattern in the middle of your hand.
    You can email the pattern to me also.

    Knit on!…and feel better.

  3. LOVE my antispam word! KNITPICKS! Oh, the Tea swap chick emailed everyone and I let her know my pal was rude. Oh well, what good does that do? Anwyhoo, memories! Your post made me smile! Thank You.

  4. Brooklyn was definitely in the house that day! Too bad we didn’t meet up at Rhinebeck. I’m convinced now I don’t NEED to go through The Fold to get STR. Truthfully I’m more on a spinning kick and so I’m not buying new yarns, but IF I do get STR I know I can get it direct from the manufacturer. Thanx for that heads up. I myself felt a little attitude from the people in the booth but I wasn’t buying so it didn’t phase me. Your haul looks good though!!

    Seems you found the regular sock-in-progress DPN holder AFTER you paid for the Golding one.. darn. I didn’t find the real one til late in the day myself. I’m a Circ-user though, so I resisted the temptation to get one!

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