Sweet, Sweet Georgia

Ahhh, what a beauty this is.  So thick and fluffy and soft.  I don’t know if I’ll be making socks with it though – thick yarn.  What do you guys think??

 Sweet GeorgiaSweet Georgia (1)Sweet Georgia (5)

You guys guessed it right!  The picture in my previous post IS those potholder loops.   But Zonda hit the nail right on the head:  it IS the rug pattern from Mason Dixon.  I bought five 10 oz bags of those loops at Michael’s – spent a total of $10 plus tax – about 1,100 loops total.  I kind of want it larger tho so I may have to go back and get 5 more bags of loops for twice the size.  I whipped this up on Sunday evening on size 35 needles.  SUPER easy!

I finished the Fuego Socks today so be on the lookout for the pattern and sock contest post soon!

5 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Georgia”

  1. Sweet Georgia should be socks. I’m a sock lover. I know that where you live it can get cold and they could come in handy. Can’t you hear that their calling to be made in to socks? Smile.

    Knit on. Can’t wait to see whatever you’re going to knit.

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