Fuego Socks

Well, here it is folks.  The finalized Fuego Socks pattern.  I’ve named it Fuego (“fire” in Spanish) in honor of the yarn I used which is the Ablaze colorway from Yarn Ahoy (btw, they’re closing shop for a couple of months so get those orders in!!).

Fuego SocksFuego Socks (1)Fuego Socks (3)Fuego Socks (5)

This pattern is a super fast and easy knit.  It only took me a month because I was only knitting on it during commuting times and I was also fussing with the pattern.  Feel free to share it with all your friends.


The first 6 people to submit finished Fuego Socks will be entered in as contestants.  The 6 pictures will be posted here on my blog and a poll will be posted over yonder on the right sidebar.  Anyone will be able to vote for their favorite Fuego Socks.  I’ll keep the drawing going for a couple of weeks and the winner will receive some of my fave sock yarn.  I have a few favorites so I have YET to decide exactly which one.  😉

So get knitting folks and show me some socks!

PS:  Be gentle with me – this is my first publicly released pattern.  If you run into any errors or what-have-you’s please send me an email to soapy.knitter AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Fuego Socks”

  1. Neat, neat!! Good for you! I haven’t been able to create a sock pattern (other than a ribby or stockinette one) that worked for me yet, so you have definitely impressed me!

    I even have that same exact yarn – I haveta knit them, don’t I?! Except I’ll probably reverse them – even though knitting socks toe-up is the smartest, most efficient way to do it, I’m still a top-down girl at heart. 🙂

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