Hey, ya’ll!  It’s FRIDAY and it’s my FIRST Friday at my new job which I am LOVING!  The people are so real here!  Not that they were fake at my old job but you can’t tell who are the attorneys from the secretaries here.  Very laid back, friendly atmosphere so I like it!  They were filming the Early Show (I think that’s what it’s called!!!) outside this morning.  CBS is also in this building apparently so I’ve seen camera crews outside CONSTANTLY!  Watch for me one of these days on TV, people.  You may see me passing by in the background.   :lol: 

I have for you today some yarn which I received from All Things Heather.  Some time ago this generous lady had a cause going on (Reach for the Stars) where if you donated over $20, she would send you a skein of her fabo yarn!  So I did and so I received.  This yarn is so absolutely soft and luscious.  It is going to make THE coziest pair of socks.  I love the colors because they’re not what I would have normally chosen for myself – I’m such a browns kind of girl!  LOL  Knitting these up will be that much more fun as they will be something different for me.  And without further ado, I bring to you:

All Things Heather Sweet Socks (5)All Things Heather Sweet SocksAll Things Heather Sweet Socks (2)All Things Heather Sweet Socks (3)All Things Heather Sweet Socks (4)

7 thoughts on “TGIYPF!”

  1. A laid back law office, how awesome is that? Now if you can turn them all into knitters, your life will be complete.

    That’s some very pretty yarn.

  2. funny you should mention being a browns kind of girl. i spotted something pretty today in the wool shop in victoria…and it was browns…and it was nice…and i might have said, “you know, i bet rosi would like this,” and i might have walked out of the shop with it.


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