Hug Me Boucle Shawl YPF

Handsome HubbyFor Christmas last year, my adorable hubby went into The Yarn Tree and bought me some fantastic handpainted yarn. I KNOW that he spent a pretty penny because the Yarn Tree ain’t cheap for the handpainted stuff AND BOTH yarns had silk! Handpainted Silk Mohair Boucle (5)LOL One of the yarns was boucle. Now…WHAT does one do with boucle??? Well, I pondered it for a VERY long time! I used up the other yarn in a hat and mitts early in the year, but boucle….that took some planning.

Handpainted Silk Mohair Boucle (4)One day I picked it up and decided to make a shawl. I said, I’ll wing it. Guys, can I tell ya’ll that this has turned into my FAVORITE summer shawl?? It’s sooo comfy and soft! Perfect for those chilly evenings outside or in the office over a spaghetti strap dress (that one is not really supposed to wear to work! HA!). Handpainted Silk Mohair Boucle (2)I love it!! It feels like I have Tano’s arms wrapped around me when I wear it, hence the name.

AND, it knit up SUPER quickly too. The pattern is easy enough and free of course. :wink: You can find it here.

Hug Me Boucle Shawl (2)Hug Me Boucle Shawl (1)Hug Me Boucle Shawl

7 thoughts on “Hug Me Boucle Shawl YPF”

  1. Beautiful shawl and such a sweet name. DH sounds like a keeper if he picked up handpaint silk, be still my heart!
    Love the progress on your other shawls too.

  2. Beautiful shawl! Your DH is such a sweetheart for buying you yarn, and yarn that is pretty and even has a lovy name at that!

  3. your work is lovely-i am a beginer – -do u every have classes — i would come i live in jersey–keep up the beautiful works of art

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