Mmmm Zennn

A few weeks ago, I found Zen String on Ravelry. I mean, I KNEW of Zen String but I thought she’s one of those Indie dyers that you can only get if you stalk The Loopy Ewe or Etsy like Alyson does. 🙂

Turns out she has a website that you can order from. The yarn may take 2 or 3 weeks to get to you but, dudes, you tell ME if this wasn’t worth the wait!

This is a skein of Harmony Fingering (400 yds, 113g), Merino/Tencel, in the Georgia colorway.

Zenstring Harmony (3)


Zenstring Harmony (2)


Zenstring Harmony (1)


PS: I finally started Sidewinders. I just finished one today and I’m TIGHT cuz the shit doesn’t fit!!!! I did the 9M and it’s WAY too tight around the arch. In fact, it won’t even go UP my arch. I even added two extra short-rows where the pattern indicates around the calf. But nope. Oh well. At least I tried it.

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  1. I found you on a Ravelry forum and liked what you had to say, so I came over… Your blog and knitting are beautiful. I’ve subscribed and will be back. Definitely. 🙂

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