Sí, Capitán!

Inspired by many similar caps floating around, I decided to create one of my own. It’s easy to memorize and fits from a child to an adult with a big head or lots of hair! Knit this up in a couple of hours for a quick gift.

Best of all, it takes only ONE skein of a yarn that’s like drugs for your fingers! If you haven’t knit with Catalina Alpaca yet, you’re missing out. Hurry up and go get some before it finishes!

Pattern: Capitán by Rosi G.
Yarn: Catalina Chunky Alpaca, 1 skein (109 yds)
Gauge: 3.5 sts and 6 Rnds per inch in Stockinette
Needle Size: US 10 (I used a 16” Addi Turbo and dpns for the top)
Notions: 2 really cute buttons (the ones shown were purchased at M&J Trimmings)

Capitan (2)

Capitan (6)

41 thoughts on “Sí, Capitán!”

  1. Wow, GREAT hat!!! It’d be so fantastic in handspun (I like the one-skein stuff for handspun – I’m not doin’ more than a skein or two!)

  2. Totally rad. I agree it’s hot, and like Alyson said, perfect for handspun. However I want one now, so I went and bought yarn for it. Get ready to start that galery girl.

  3. Aha! I have a skein of chunky alpaca and now I know what to knit with it! I only wished it was red like yours! Thanks for that great pattern!

  4. Awesome hat! I added it to the que as I have to finish the projects I have started before I start another…I am trying to be good! Ravelry makes it very hard-too many enablers! Thanks for the pattern

  5. RosieG,
    Shaun and Mom love it! Brilliant! Funkalicious it is!!! You inspired turtlegirl and she made one and posted in group. Linda has to see this! Impressed! A true artisan. Your pattern and detail is exceptional.Bravo
    Catalina Yarns

  6. That is hot Mami!! I LUV it in that brick red!! :oD
    Saw Cristi’s too! You added some flava to her life! Haha! 😆

    I have yet to try Catalina Chunky Alpaca…mmh

  7. I LOVE THIS HAT!! I knit it in one day, and haven’t taken it off of my head since! (Well, I supposed I took it off to sleep…) What a wonderful, quick, cute little pattern. You are very talented.

  8. Hi,
    I’m currently making this hat. Almost done! But I need clarification on the last step in making the brim. I’m totally new to this. First time making something other than a scarf.

    The last step after BO is “stitch open edge closed on bottom of brim.” Do you mean the PU edge between the hat and brim?

  9. This pattern is great! I tried to download it though and it came out without text. Is it possible for me to get a copy from you?

    Thanks, Kim
    (I’m not on Ravelry.)

  10. I like it a lot but I don’t have a good level in English and then I can’t understand the pattern. Maybe can we translate in frech I Hope so because we don’t find so beautiful model in France
    Thanks a lot

  11. What does the abbreviation “pl” mean in the directions for next round after teh 27th row is completed?

  12. Hi: i loved this hat but had problems with the decreases. i even got my knitting instructor involved.
    we ripped back and still kept coming up w/ an odd number of stitches. Suggestions?

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