RYC #4: Buttons!

After seeing Cristi’s fly ass Central Park Hoodie, for which she deserves a round of applause, I was on the hate-orade.  (HI, NORMA!!!)  Realizing that my own CPH was sitting there only needing the freakin button and buttonhole bands, I whipped it out and got to it last night.  I hope to finish it this week.  Here’s an old pic of Alex modeling it for me:

Central Park Hoodie

The sleeves and hood are done.  I went button shopping yesterday cuz, more hate-orade, I realized the buttons I had were cheap shits that wouldn’t do my CPH justice.  I bought two sets of 6 buttons:

Buttons for CPH

The top ones are flat, more ornate.  The bottom ones have a little peak in the middle (not flat).  I can’t decide!


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17 thoughts on “RYC #4: Buttons!”

  1. I like the top row ones, I think the swirl pattern is beautiful and you can see the details in the button more on these than on the others.

  2. Hey..well I like them both, but going with the bottom row. Howevah! I wish I had your button shops!! I will be needing some silver buttons for my FLS. I’m jealous!

  3. It seems everyone is divided. I think ultimately you will have to make the final decision. My vot eis for the bottom row of buttons, but honestly you can’t go wrong with either one!

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