My Mt. Everest

And for my next feat, I will attempt to climb my own personal Mt. Everest:  the Saddle Shouldered Aran Cardigan by Meg Swansen.  (Rav Link) Why is it my Mt. Everest?  I mean, yes, I’ve knit a crapload of cables and a lot of complicated lace so what’s the problem?  Oh, well, the STEEKS!  Yea, I’ve never steeked. It intimidates the living shit out of me.

I fell in love with Brooklyn Tweed’s version of it.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I’ve seen several other mods to it in Ravelry that I want to try also, including changing the collar up a bit.

I bought some Cascade Eco Wool in a beautiful coffee color from Webs.  I’ve mapped out my cables.  I’ve swatched in stockinette and now it’s time to make a large cable swatch. The pattern recommends making a Swatch Cap (a hat with each of the cable motifs) but…what if I run out of yarn??  I have 4 skeins (1,912 yds) of the Eco Wool.  I guess I could always rip out the hat if I needed the yarn.

Wish me luck!

Preparing for Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan

7 thoughts on “My Mt. Everest”

  1. I’ll wish you good luck, even though I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job. I’d like to think that my recently revealed Mt. Everest inspired you in some way (lie to me if you have to)

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