I’m on my way!

I’ve started climbing that mountain!

SSAC start (2)

I began by laying out my charts and plans, as mentioned in a previous post.  I’m not big on making complicated swatches, but since this is a semi-complicated sweater, I knew there was no way around it.  Meg Swansen recommends making a swatch cap in the pattern.  I decided to make a swatch cowl instead.

Swatch Cowl (2)

I cast on enough stitches to measure 24″ (gauge of 4.5 sts per inch, 108 sts cast on).  I used one of each of the cable motifs I planned on using in my sweater and also the filler pattern (p2, k1 or 2 tbl, p2).  I then soaked my cowl and it finally dried.

Swatch Cowl

Can I tell you how in LOVE I am with this yarn and pattern????  I can understand why people are so into cowls these days now.  When you find a nice, soft yarn and a fun stitch, it’s great to make a quickie project that you can wear right up against your neck.

Swatch Cowl (3)

I want to know why Cascade Ecological Wool isn’t more popular.  It’s relatively inexpensive with a MASSIVE amount of yardage in one skein.  I’m absolutely positive that I will use this yarn again.  It’s a pleasure to knit with.  It’s soft even before soaking.  With the soak, it’s even softer.  It feels great against the skin and not totally scratchy as some natural 100% wools can be.

Swatch Cowl (1)

After having swatched all of my motifs, I realized that I didn’t want to use all of them.  I swapped out two of them (shown on the left and right in the picture above) and replaced them with one single twisted cable (shown in the picture below).  I think it’s going to work out better since the yarn shows off twisted cables really well.

SSAC start

I haven’t wanted to put this puppy down since I started it yesterday so I’ve been ignoring all of my other gazillion WIPs.   But, stay tuned as I do have a new free pattern in the works!

13 thoughts on “I’m on my way!”

  1. I love your cowl and can’t wait to see the finished sweater! I’ve bought casscade ecological for 2 projects, a blanket and a sweater. I really love this yarn too!

  2. Very smart to put that swatch work in to make a cowl!!
    And you are right Cascade Eco has goober yardage! But I hate the 2 ply twist on it, even though it knits up nice!

    Can’t wait to see your sweater! You will be fine going up that mountain as you are such an expert knitter!!

  3. I just checked out the huge selection of Cascade Eco Plus wool at YarnCountry.com. I want to make a Hemlock Ring, and can’t pick a color. Oh geez!! I am so glad that you gave the yarn your stamp of approval. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 colors now. The cowl looks awesome! See you this weekend!!

  4. Great idea for making your swatch into a cowl! Definitely going to have to use that for the future. Love your cables and completely agree with you that the twisted cable shows up much better than the two you decided against using. Can’t wait to see the sweater!

  5. oh i wish i could get that yarn here. it looks lovely. and the cowl is a damn good idea. never thought much of the hat unless you make a lot of calculations in order to make the hat special. decreasing and so on.

    and the sweater/cardi is much fun to knit. i knitted to of them already and they are great.

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