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Hi, everyone.  I’m sorry I posted that crazy comment and then disappeared for a while.  I cannot tell you how much all of the supportive emails have meant to me.   All of your comments have meant so much to me.  I love you all.

I did end up emailing The Powers That Be at Ravelry but I was told that the comments section basically belongs to the user and they cannot control what is written there.  🙁  BUT, I have decided to ignore this person and keep it moving.

On the 20th of August, I turned 35.  For a birthday present, Bank of America gave to me a PREAPPROVAL FOR A HOME LOAN!!!  WOO HOO!!  That’s right.  After fighting my credit score for sooo long, I finally was approved.  So we’re house shopping.  I have learned so much and everyday I have a new headache and to think that I’ve only been at this for a week and a half.  LOL  If you have any homebuying tips, DO please leave them here for me!!

As an added bonus, I’ve received several lovely gifts from my friends (Thanks ya’ll!!!).  One of them is a handmade project bag made for me by LeTeisha.  It’s totally my color and the fabric is nice and sturdy!  I immediately put my one major WIP in there.  😀  She also sent me a booklet full of doggie sweater patterns.  SOOO Cute!  Thanks again, babe!!

gift 008

gift 004

I have been steadily working on my Clasica Coat from the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits.  I chose to use Ecological Wool for it’s price and for the great wear I am getting out of my seamless cardigan that I made last year from this same yarn.  It doesn’t pill horribly as a lot of sweaters seem to do for me and it’s also suuuper soft and warm.  I plan to line the coat with fabric to actually wear it as a COAT coat.  😉

gift 017

I hope to finish it in time for Rhinebeck.  Can you believe it’s about 6 weeks away already???  TIME HAS FLOWN!

Catch ya’ll later!  SMOOCHES!

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  1. I don’t have any homebuying tips, but congrats on getting preapproved!! I wish you much luck and success finding a good house. You still haven’t put down the needles, I bet it’s a great stress reliever. I sewed a zipper in my Central Park Hoodie but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to line a handknit sweater with fabric. When you’re done I hope you lay it out for the rest of us! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you. Make sure you post plenty of pics when you find the perfect home. I’m glad you like the bag, I’m working on a new bag pattern now, maybe you’ll get another surprise soon.

  3. Whoo hoo, congrats on the home loan! That is awesome! I have the book, “Idiot’s Guide to Buying and Selling a Home”. You want? I’m happy to send it to you!

  4. Yanno, I wished when I saw you today that I had push push pushed you and suggested the idea of you moving northward to Westchester. The Pocantico Hills & Briarcliff school system is one of the best in the county. I know there are condos available in my complex. HINT HINT!

    PS: Those buttons you got today (either set, but I think the ones that look like bone) would look lovely with that coat! Can’t wait to see you in it for Rhinebeck. Hope it’s chilly enough for it:)

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