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I can haz earrings?

I saw an earring holder one day on YouTube as I was trolling natural hair videos.  I fell in love with it and wanted one but they were too much on Etsy!  For example, here’s a 9″x12″ one on Etsy for $36 plus $10 shipping.

My cheapo DIY’er kicked in and here’s what I came up with (I think I was channeling Bezzie):


Earring holder



  • 16″x16″ wooden scrapbook frame from Michaels – $10
  • Two long wooden dowels from Michaels – $1
  • Two square cabinet knobs from Loews or Home Depot (see here for example) – approx. $7
  • 5 round cabinet knobs from Loews or Home Depot (see here for example) – approx. $13.50
  • Decorative hook (I got the dragonfly one at Loews also but see here for example) – approx. $6.50
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill to make small holes prior to screwing on the knobs (optional)

Putting this together cannot be easier.  Mark where you want your knobs and hook to go.  Drill holes if you want or just screw in the knobs and hook.  Cut the wooden dowels down to go across the back of the frame.  Staple them down.

VOILA!  You’re done.  Hang your new earring holder on your wall (the frame should’ve brought a hanging thingie – that’s the technical term!!  I SWEAR!).

I left mine natural cuz I love this color and its the same color as my Ikea bedroom furniture.  Feel free to have fun and paint it!

Also note that I spent approx. $38 after bitching about how these are pricy on Etsy.  LOL   Once I got to the hardware store, these were the knobs and hook I liked so I ended up spending more.

But, you could TOTALLY make this for WAY less by finding an old picture frame around your house and recycling it.  There are also knobs available for $1.  Here are some nice ones for $1.02 from Lowe’s.

As you can see, I promptly loaded mine up with my earrings and some of my bracelets.  Now it’s SUPER easy to put my earrings away when I get home instead of putting them in a pile on my dresser.   LOL

Let me know if you make one!