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Up to no good

What’s wrong with this picture?

Nookie 06

Let me help you out a bit.

Teeth marks

See that?  Chloe mistook my NOOK for a chew toy.  Yep.  She sure did.

Luckily she did most of the damage to the case.

Nook case

That was Saturday.

Then on Sunday, she broke my absolutely most FAVORITE Knit Witch yarn bowl.


There is no after picture because it was, well, in pieces, to say the least.

But, it was an accident, right sweetheart??  You were only trying to pull out Mami’s yarn from INSIDE the bowl, right?  It’s really Mami’s fault for putting the bowl on her nightstand instead of right on the floor.  If it would’ve been on the floor, it would’ve never broken, right, precious?

As you might imagine, she was immediately forgiven.  I mean, really.  Who could resist this face?

Chloe - 4 months 10

Doggies and Their Treats

My friend Reese recently launched a small start-up business making homemade dog treats — called Happy Day Barkery. They use all natural, human grade food in the treats, with a heavy emphasis on organic ingredients that are free from preservatives and antibiotics. So far, the feedback from owners (and dogs…) has been really terrific.

Below is the link to their website, where you can order online. Log on…. and buy a bag or two… because you want a happy dog. Because you want to encourage entrepreneurs and creative endeavors. Or just to support a great small business.

If you do place an order, please leave a comment and forward your order to me.  Depending on how much you order, I am offering your choice of my patterns for free as “thank you.” :o) You may get 1, 2 or 5 free patterns as a result – your choice of course. 😉

Don’t want a pattern?  Prefer soap?  Well, let me know if you want a bar of my soap instead and I’ll give it to Reese to toss in with your order!  It’s people soap, so you can have a treat, too.

SAVE ON SHIPPING!!  If you’re in the NYC area and would want to pick up the treats from me, do let me know and we can set something up.

I can tell ya Chloe really loves these treats. You see this face? This face has learned to smile and come running at the sound of a Happy Day Barkery treats bag being shaken and unzipped!  And for you wise-asses in the crowd, I mean CHLOE’s face, not Alex’s. 😛

Chloe's 1st day home 2-14-10 18

Where do I start?

Where do I start to catch you all up on what’s been going on in the past two months?  Christmas, New Year’s and now even Valentine’s Day has flown by us.  It’s been QUITE a whirlwind.

First of all, WE DID IT!

we did it

Those are the keys to our new home!!!  Tano got a house for his bday, Jan. 7th.  I arranged it so that the closing fell on that same day.  It was great!  I’ll never be able to top that gift EVER again.  Unless I hit the lotto.

What other major event?  We had to give back our poor Luna.  🙁  It’s heart breaking but it was because our home insurance policy wouldn’t let us have a pitbull.  And with as much trouble as we went through to get the house, we couldn’t risk losing it or the great policy we got, so unfortunately we brought Luna back this past Saturday.  I don’t like talking about it because even though she drove me crazy most times, it was extremely painful bringing her back to be locked up after she was running around happily in the snow in our new huuuuge backyard….and….ugh.  🙁

But, we did decide to get a new dog.  We went yesterday, yes we didn’t waste any time, why do you ask?  We FINALLY found a Lab!  We’d been wanting a lab mix from when we first started looking for a dog last year but none of the shelters we went to had any.  We took a (long) trip out to North Shore Animal League in Long Island yesterday and that’s where we found Chloe!!  :o)  She’s about 10 weeks old.  A BIG 10-weeks-old let me tell ya!  But the sweetest thing.  She’s very shy and was hiding under the table most of yesterday evening.  We had to pull her out to feed her and to show her to her doggy bed.  She loved the bed as you can see.  :o)


I hope that this is the end of it with the dog issues.  We hope to have Chloe for as long as she’ll have us and we hope that she’s happy with us.   🙂

Knitting!  There’s been plenty of knitting.  I released a couple of patterns over the past couple of months that hopefully a couple of you caught on Rav.  I’ll post official releases here on the blog later this week.

If you’re still here, Dear Reader(s), thanks for your loyalty and hang around.  The fun is about to start – again!

PS:  THERE’S SOAP NOW TOO!!  LOL  And, there will be soap for sale all the time again.  The shop will be reopened!  I plan to set up an etsy shop so it’s easy for everyone to order.

Have a great week, peeps!