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That settles it!

I think I’ll be making at LEAST half a dozen knee socks.

Red Dwarf Knee Socks (5)

It took me a bit to finish these but only because ya’ll know how I have that Knitter’s ADD and all.


Red Dwarf Knee Socks

These are the Red Dwarf socks by my darlin friend Cristi. I HEART them!


Red Dwarf Knee Socks (2)

Have you seen anything so fllly?


Red Dwarf Knee Socks (1)

Tano loves them, too. He particularly likes when I tried them on with a short jean skirt. He suggested two pigtails…and…yeah. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

I cast on for a pair of Toirneach Kilt Hose. I’m using Dream in Color Classy in a nice blue. Tano’s excited. Heh!


Red Dwarf Knee Highs


Source: Turtlegirl
Yarn: Schaeffer Anne (doubled)
Needles: Size 3
Total Cost: $42.50
Started: September 2007
Finished: December 2007 (each sock took about two days)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks

Thrum Pr0n

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s been a lot about thrums at my house lately.  I’ve finished one pair of mitts and I’m 3/4 of the way through another pair but I need to make a run to The Yarn Tree for a tad bit more merino fiber.  In the meantime, I bring you my first finished pair.  I used Schaeffer Lola in the Sea & Surf colorway from THE LOOPY EWE!  (LOVE ME SOME LOOPY!)

Thrummed Mittens (2)

Thrummed Mittens (3)

They’re a bit stretched out on my big paws but these are a gift for a really good friend of mine, Maritza – she has smaller hands than me.  Hope they’ll keep her SUPER warm this VERY cold winter!

Thrummed Mittens (4)

Thrummed Mittens

Thrummed Mittens (5)

Thrummed Mittens (6)