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Cousin Tony

Meet Cousin Tony.

cousin tony 031

He was just finished just arrived today.  He’ll only be here another day or so visiting before he moves on to his new friend’s house.  In the meantime, he’s having lots of fun hanging out with his buddy, Fwed.

cousin tony 014

Tony’s a ham and a camera hog!  I had to give him a stern talking to before he stopped his antics and allowed me to take a decent pic of the two of them.

cousin tony 024

You can still see a little smirk there, can’t ya?  TONY!!!!!!!!

Sock Monkey

  • Source: Yvonne Knits
  • Size: one size fits all
  • Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (I LOVE this yarn for kids’ stuff)
  • Color: MC (Truffle) – 151 yds, CC1 (Antique Lace) – 33 yds, CC2 (Barn Red) – 11 yds; about 185 yds total.
  • Needles: US 3, 32″ circular
  • Gauge: not really important
  • Cost: Cost for yarn: $5.73, buttons: 50c, stuffing: ~50c.  Total cost: $6.73
  • Started: October 3, 2009
  • Finished: October 11, 2009
  • Mods: none, except for working ITR instead of flat

PS:  Look what’s in the works!  The adult version of Mi Escuelita is about halfway done.  What do you think of these buttons?

cousin tony 041

Clasica Coat

Warning: This post is EXTREMELY pic heavy. :o)

clasica coat 022

I must say that this is the garment with THE most work that I have ever knit. This coat surpassed even my seamless EZ cardigan!

clasica coat 020

The knitting of it was fun with the crazy construction of the coat. But that crazy construction also meant that seaming it was alot of work! Add to that the fact that I wanted it lined. Yea, I didn’t do the lining but if I WOULD HAVE it would’ve been even more work! 😉

clasica coat 021

I chose a nice, silk rayon designer lining in bright colors for my coat.  It adds warmth and helps the coat keeps its shape.

clasica coat 016

My best friend, Moises, is a tailor (lucky for me!).  He did the cutting and sewing for the lining.  He cut each piece of lining out before I seamed the coat together to ensure that the pieces were all the same (and plus, it was just easier!).  He folded the back in half and laid it on the fold of the fabric to cut that piece.  Since the fronts were the same, he used only one front and cut two pieces (one for each side).  The sleeves each had a different angle, not your standard set-in sleeve here, nope!  So he cut those individually.  Very importantly, he cut all the pieces at least 1″ larger all the way around to give him a seam allowance plus a margin of error in case the coat grew when blocked.  It did grow, but not too much.

Clasica Coat Lining

He seamed all of the pieces of lining together while I took the coat home, soaked, blocked and seamed it up.  I brought the coat back to him and he attached the lining.

To give the lining some looseness and at the same time, keep it in place, he attached 4″ x 0.5″ stripes of fabric at 8 key points along the shoulders and underarms from the lining to the coat (sorry, I didn’t get a pic of these!).  The lining came out FANTASTIC!  Thanks, Moe!  Love you, bro!

38 Wayne Street 034

clasica coat 006

By vote, all of you chose my big, brown square buttons which I think were a great choice.  Thank you, reader(s)!  :o)

clasica coat 018

I am extremely pleased with my new coat and if you catch me at Rhinebeck in two weeks, you’ll get to see it in person!

Clasica Coat

  • Source: Interweave Knits, Fall 2009
  • Size: 50″
  • Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool, 4.16 skeins, 1988.5 yards
  • Color: Black #8095 (altho it’s more of a chocolate brown)
  • Needles: US Size 8 and 9
  • Gauge: as pattern
  • Cost: yarn – $55.96, buttons – 3 * $2.80 ea. = $8.40, lining – 2.5 yds at $8 per yd = $20; GRAND TOTAL = $84.36
  • Started: August 14, 2009
  • Finished: September 27, 2009
  • Mods: I added an inch to each sleeve and the lining.