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Busy weekend!

We’ve planted grass on the front lawn (yes, there’s a pretty big front yard that we have to deal with too (sigh…).  We also went to Home Depot and bought 7 different plants.  We’ve put them in planters around the yard according to what their tags said (full sun, sun/shade, etc.)

What do you guys think?  Any experience with any of these?

First plants 13

First plants 14

Isn’t the hydrangea pretty???

First plants 04

Tano also finished repairing the whole in the wall.  While we were at closing, the kids were at the empty new house with my cousin, Gary.  They started playing hide and seek and Gary scared Alex, who jumped through the wall – well, almost.  Since we couldn’t find the same exact color of paint, we went with a different color (my friend Joanne’s idea) so it’s now an accent wall.  You can barely see the outline of the original cut out.  We should’ve probably taken out the whole piece of sheetrock in that area instead of the smaller rectangle, but all in all, it’s not too shabby for Tano’s first wall repair, is it?  I think he did a great job.

wall repair

And before you think I’ve given up completely on knitting and gone full-time into gardening, please answer my poll before!  Your answers will be much appreciated!!  Thank you!

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A survivor!

We’ve started cleaning up the backyard somewhat.  (Well “we” = Tano and the kids!)  And among all of that crap, we found this:

nice plant

Isn’t it pretty?  I was told it’s a daffodil.  We’re definitely not pulling that out.

Thanks to all of you who sent me emails and left comments trying to help us out with the Forbidden Forest backyard!!  We really appreciate it and please keep them coming if you have more to add.

In the meantime, we decided to put pavers on part of the backyard ourselves.  That would be the part off of the little deck that’s there now.  See, we need somewhere to put the new patio furniture and grill I got Tano for Father’s Day!  It’s being delivered on Monday.

Yes, I know Father’s Day is in June.  Why do you ask?

Any gardeners out there?

Hi, everyone.

Spring is coming soon and we have 3000 sq ft of backyard (and a few feet in front, too) to clean and fix up.  We have NO IDEA what we are doing.  So I hope you all don’t mind if we pick your brains.  I promise to share progress pictures!  😀

This is the backyard now.  The little wooden shed is not ours.  That’s the neighbors.  Their dead stuff is growing over into our yard so I’m sure we have to ask permission to cut off what’s hanging over onto our side, right?



The yard is full of these little “sticks.”

Sticks in yard

First thing’s first, how do we clean it up?

What machine can we use that can cut off/pull up all of those sticks?

We want to clean it all up and start with a fresh slate.  Later, we would like part of the yard to be concrete (to park the car and draw hopscotch on, of course!) and the rest will be grass.  We would love to plant bushes and flowers along the perimeter.

We are keeping the huge tree in back but need to cut down that dead thing covered in ivy in front.  How do we cut that tree down?  LOL

As you guys can see, we need ALOT of help!!!