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I’m tickled pink (no pun intended!) that you guys like my new Coachella.  😀  I had fun making it and planning it out.

So I have some good news and bad news today.  First the bad news:

We had to take Sir James back. It’s been two weeks. He refuses to be housetrained. He will NOT pee outside. At first he would pee anywhere in the house, then he started peeing on a wee wee pad, then he decided the ONLY place to pee & poop SEVERAL times a day is his crate which is absolutely NOT normal. It doesn’t matter if we spent hours with him outside – he holds it all in til he goes in his crate. 🙁

He’s been eating my cat’s poop out of the litter box. Ew.
He gets EXTREMELY hyper & like frantic in the house to the point where we were only letting him out of his crate leashed indoors as well as out. He turns around to constantly bite his leash and gets this WILD look in his eyes which is downright scary sometimes.
He has taken to howling & growling & barking (OMG DO BEAGLES BARK LOOOUDLY) at my poor cat, Misty. Each time he sees her he starts in on this.
We took him back to the shelter yesterday afternoon – it’s a no kill shelter so the guy will find a home! 🙂

The good news:

Luna 005

We got another dog. We opted for a puppy that we could train to our standards and rules from scratch. This is Luna. She’s an 8-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier.

Luna 003

She’s all of 15 lbs at the moment and loooves Misty’s bed.  Our ungrateful cat never used it anyway!  Luna went right to it like she knew it was for her.

Luna 012

I think we made a good move. The stress level in the house was high the past two weeks with James.  The girls were nervous of him.  He couldn’t be let loose too often because he wouldn’t listen.  Luna’s crate has been open since she came home and she goes in there when she wants to get comfortable.  We only locked it up at night and she only cried one little yelp in the middle of the night and I guess she fell back asleep because we didn’t hear from her again until the morning!!  😀

The kids all adore her although I must say that it was HARD AS HELL for Alex to say “bye” to James.  The poor kid sat with James the entire time we were at the shelter looking at the dogs and talking with the owner’s assistant.  He cried silent tears when it was time to go home with Luna so we all got in the truck and let him take his time.  After a bit he brought James over to an employee, gave him one last pat and got in the truck.  We’ve made no mention of this to him at all.  I felt HORRIBLE for him and the dog but I did explain to Alex that the owner told us they’d find James a home on a farm so that he can run around more free than if he lived in an apartment.  He was ok with that and is now playing and spoiling Luna just like the rest of them.  😀

Luna 013