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Rhinebeck 2011

As always, Rhinebeck was FANTASTIC fun.  I drove up on Saturday for the day with my buddies Jeanine, Keisha, and Tawana.  We always enjoy each other’s company and laugh.  ALOT!  I behaved and controlled my purchases.  Here’s my haul:

Yarn 10

The bulky red is Macho from Brooks Farm.  That purchase is all Keisha’s fault.  She convinced Jeanine and I that we wanted bulky cowls so all 3 of us bought a skein of Macho.

The beautiful green is a skein of Eidos from Sanguine Gryphon.  That purchase is Jeanine’s fault.  She stood on that looooong ass Sanguine line for an hour an a half.  Long enough for the rest of us to wander around some of the grounds.  Long enough for me to realize that I wasn’t seeing anything that I was LOVING and therefore, texting Jeanine – who was still on the line – to please grab me a skein of yarn from Gryphon.  BTW, I’m glad I did since they are going out of business.  Well, somewhat — they are splitting the business in two.  This stuff is gonna be worth at least double soon.  LOL

The purple is Tawana’s fault.  It was the last purchase of the day.  She and I were wandering around the buildings and we passed by the Miss Babs booth.  Her stuff is always so beautiful.  I was proud of myself for behaving all day so I thought I could buy myself a skein of sock yarn.  Besides, sock yarn doesn’t count, right???  I asked Tawana if she agreed and she said yes and gave me permission.  😛

The beautiful butterscotch???  Yea.  That was ALL ME.  I have been eyeing that colorway for at least two years now.  I knit my Cable-Down Raglan in Shelridge Farm and I adore that sweater.  It has held up fantastically.  It washes and dries very well in my machines (on gentle, of course).

So, I came home with my bag full of Shelridge and immediately cast on for my 400th project:  POLE!!!!

Pole Sweater OTN 1