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A Secret Project

Happy new year, folks! I wanted to do an end-of-’08 recap and all that but seriously, my needles were on fire last year and when I thought about blogging about the 87 FO’s I had, the various projects frogged, those hibernating and the new ones on the needle, I gagged. Ya’ll know how to hit me up on Rav already right? If not, check out the sidebars. Do I sound bitchy? Sorry, I don’t mean to be. LOL

Now, if any of you know how to set up the Ravelry FO gallery page on self-hosted WordPress blogs such as mine, email me because if you hook me up with one of those pages that all I’d have to do is change the date on the code to reflect the current year, then I’d hook you up with a NICE ASS goody box.

So, everyone at some point has blogged about a secret project. I don’t think I have as of yet. Until now. The recipient doesn’t want to know what it is so I’m forced to keep it a secret. 😉
Berroco Comfort (1)

It’s for a baby though. I can at least tell you that much. The yarn: Berroco Comfort. The thing will have a couple of stripes somewhere. I purchased 5 colors of the Berroco so I could figure out what set of colors to use. I’m stuck again. That’s where you come in, dear reader(s).

Berroco Comfort (4)

Berroco Comfort (3)

The main color will definitely be the dark pink.  I’m undecided on the stripes, tho.  Should I make it dark pink, light pink and gray OR dark pink, natural and chocolate?  Please vote in the poll below.

Oh, I do have a few of FO’s to show you.   One is a sweater but it needs buttons.  The others are socks and gloves.  I’ll blog about those later.

Ciao for now!

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RYC #4: Buttons!

After seeing Cristi’s fly ass Central Park Hoodie, for which she deserves a round of applause, I was on the hate-orade.  (HI, NORMA!!!)  Realizing that my own CPH was sitting there only needing the freakin button and buttonhole bands, I whipped it out and got to it last night.  I hope to finish it this week.  Here’s an old pic of Alex modeling it for me:

Central Park Hoodie

The sleeves and hood are done.  I went button shopping yesterday cuz, more hate-orade, I realized the buttons I had were cheap shits that wouldn’t do my CPH justice.  I bought two sets of 6 buttons:

Buttons for CPH

The top ones are flat, more ornate.  The bottom ones have a little peak in the middle (not flat).  I can’t decide!


Which button for my CPH?

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