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Helloooo out there!

Hey, everybody! I’m sure you guys are like where the hell did she run off to now?? Or not. Maybe. HEHE!

As it turns out I was feeling crappy for like an entire week. Sick sick sick. Coughing, couldn’t speak, throat sore clogged you name it. All kinds of crappy. Pills, antibiotics, HALLS LIKE A MOFO, nothing. Made my asthma come up and at me and it’s STILL with me. Ugh. Bastard cold! I was so sick I didn’t knit for like 5 days!! Seriously, that’s when you KNOW I’m sick. And I’m a whiny ass baby when I’m sick too. Love my hubby lots for putting up w/my bullcrap.

After that, as I try to jump back into things, I have been a knitting maniac. I finished my Yarn Diet Round 3. YAY ME!! (Pictures of FOs at a later date.)  Just wait until I receive and take pix of the stash enhancement coming my way as my prize for my latest round of projects. I ordered from Little Knits and Loopy Ewe (altho the latter is sock yarn and doesn’t really count as prize stuff cuz it’s in the rules as to not counting towards KFYS07), and the last thing but definitely not least, I can either order from WEBS or pick it up tomorrow from Brooklyn General – I’m still pondering that one as it’s SOOO DAMN CRAPPY OUT HERE! UGH! 70 degrees two days ago, snow today. It’s no wonder I’m sick!

Now for some EXCELLENT EXCELLENT NEWS!! My son, Alex, age 12, is going…

I am sooo freakin proud of this kid! You guys have NO idea how I’ve been bouncing in my chair for the past few days!

I signed the form right away…but yet, afterwards, I freaked out and kept thinking shit this is his first time on a plane and his first time away from us for so long. It’s 5 days!!! I cannot let my parental fears get in the way because this is one major opportunity that we cannot possibly miss!! He deserves this in a major way. So off he will go on March 28th. He’s very excited too. Although he’s such a low-key kid that if you were to SEE this excitement in person, you would SWEAR he doesn’t want to go. But I know my kid. He’s excited. LOL

I haven’t taken any good prOn worthy pix lately so I’ll have to leave you with an oldie but goodie, Schaeffer Anne.

Schaeffer Anne (2)Schaeffer Anne (8)Schaeffer Anne (5)Schaeffer Anne (9)

PS: There are a couple of contests going on that you guys should all join in on! Alyson has one going on that ends this weekend, Bezzie has one for a GREAT cause, Heather (she of All Things Heather) has ANOTHER one for a GREAT cause and Vicki has one more for ya.  Lots of yarny-love going around folks!  Join in the fun!

PPS: Don’t forget that I also have two contests going – the Fuego Socks contest and the Anti-Spam word contest – this one is that if you happen to post a comment to my blog and your anti-spam word is YOU, then you should email me and let me know to win some jarn-y love.  But there’s a catch, no one’s name is spelled the way it’s supposed to be.  There may be letters missing – so when you email me to let me know you saw your name or blog name as the anti-spam word, make sure you include the spelling!  😀  )

A couple of FO’s

I’ve been steadily knitting over the past couple of weeks on various projects (gotta get rolling on my Yarn Diet: Round 3!!!). I don’t have any yarn in mind yet that I’m salivating after for when I finish this round but I’m sure SOMETHING will come up. You know we knitters don’t exactly have a problem with that sort of thing! LOL

For now, here’s two things I knit up on Sunday. Stash busting!! WOO HOO!

Textured Cuff BooteesTextured Cuff Bootees (1)Textured Cuff Bootees (2)

Textured Cuff Bootees
Pattern Source: 50 Baby Booties To Knit
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted
Cost: $5.29 per skein (used only a bit from each color)
Started & Finished: February 18, 2007


G-Luc’s Brown Beanie
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted
Cost: $5.29 per skein (used only a bit from each color)
Started & Finished: February 18, 2007

Catching Up

SantaWow, I hadn’t posted in almost ten days! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Mine was a bit tough to get through (because of what this year has been and TWFKAM and me trying to remember if she EVER gave me a wonderful holiday like I was trying to give my kids – the short answer to that is No). But I won’t make this a depressing post. I’m here to share with you what our holiday at the Chez G house was like.

Christmas 2006Kandy Kane Kids 2006I decided this would be a year where we would start some holiday traditions. We already had one where the kids get to choose a gift on Christmas EVE morning and open it. They get to take all their gifts out from under the tree, shake each one and choose. To add to this (and plus cuz we exagerrated on the gifts this year) I decided to let them open one of their stocking stuffers on the day BEFORE Christmas Eve. This worked well because this year it fell on a Saturday. I don’t know if this will work on all years tho. I also decided to start giving them red pj’s as gifts so they got to open those, too. Then they had to wear them for each Christmas morning. 😀

We also played Christmas carols and I made hot chocolate for everyone. Then on Christmas Day we had a couple friends of ours over for brunch. I made three different types of Quiche, which we’d never eaten. Spinach and Cream Cheese, Veggies-Bacon-Cheddar, and Cheddar-Bacon. These came out SOOO good. We LOVED them. We had them with croissants, mini-bagels, homemade jam (no, i didn’t make it!), coffee and OJ.

So, Chez G Christmas Traditions:

  1. open a stocking stuffer and red pjs gifts on day before Christmas Eve
  2. open a gift on Christmas Eve
  3. hot chocolate
  4. christmas carols
  5. brunch on christmas day

Kinda cool, right? The kids loved it and this was very important to me. I always want them to have what I. Never. Had. Bitter, much???

I asked Mr. G. to get me something for me to rip into for Christmas morning – preferably from The Yarn Tree.  The result:


Silk/Merino (218 yds) and Silk/Merino Boucle (390 yds). 😀

I got him a Playstation Portable (PSP) – figured it’d keep him entertained so I can knit in peace!

Holiday HaulOf course I gifted myself plenty of yarny goodness for the holidays. Part of my bonus from work and gifts from bosses is always set aside for me to get myself anything I want. The haul this year:

  • Handmaiden Seasilk
  • Araucania Nature Wool
  • Colorado Durango
  • K1C2 Angora Soft
  • Knit Picks Sock Merino
  • Yarnahoy Lace, Superwash Sock, and Sock Merino/Tencel
  • Valley Yarns Tweed and Cotton
  • SRK Ovation
  • Lite Lopi
  • 9 Addi Circs, plus an Addi Circ Case
  • Webs Interchangeable Bamboo Needles
  • Opal Sock Yarns
  • Chinese Silk Fabric

Nice haul huh? Most of this stuff came from Webs, Yarnahoy, Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions, Kangaroo, Knitty City and DeStash. I also got a crapload of books from Crafters Choice and Amazon.

This is all in preparation for KFYS07. Join in folks. This promises to be a year FULL of FO’s for knitters all across the world! Grab the button off my sidebar if you’d like.

As far as the New Year goes, I don’t really make resolutions. Sure I’d like to lose a few pounds but that’s an ongoing battle with me. One thing tho: I believe a lot in that whatever you’re doing at midnight is how you’ll spend your year. This year REALLY proved it. Last year, we decided to wait out midnight at my aunt’s house. We were surrounded by negativity and by people full of bad thoughts towards everyone in general (sounds fucked up, but true) and we sure as hell spent a HORRIBLE year, with the exception of G-Luc arriving. One year, midnight arrived while I was watching a movie with the kids – we spent that year watching lots of movies! We LOVE movies so that’s fine by me. Another year, I was washing dishes and didn’t realize it was already midnight! Damn if I didn’t have a sinkful of dishes every single day that year (and it was only my first son and I in the house!!!). Weird, huh?

This year we will wait for the New Year peacefully watching movies at home with the kids, surrounding them and ourselves with love and good, healthy vibes.

I wish the same to all of you.

Much love,

Rosi G.

PS: I made a change to the blog.  It’s not noticeable at first glance.  Eventually someone will run into it.  The first person to post the “weird coincidence” that they notice in their comment will win a nice little haul of jarn-y from my stash.  This can happen at any moment.  The more people who come out and post, the better chance you have of winning!  Some come on and DELURK!  😀