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Busy Little Me

Happy Thanksgiving from The GarmendiasHmmm, let me think about that a moment...I hope everyone had a LOOOVELY holiday. I know we sure did. We stuffed our faces and were all cozy and warm at home as a family, happily, together. I’m glad it was a beautiful day because my son, Alex, had made a comment to me a couple of weeks earlier about how this year it would be different because of “you know who” that she used to cook and what not. Well, guess what? Rosi G. kicked ASS with the cooking ya’ll!! We were all sooo happy with how it all turned out. It was just us and then later on that evening a couple of friends came over with their daughter and ate.

Rosi G. also did LOTS of knitting this weekend. In fact, I barely moved some days! LOL All I wanted to do was chill and knit. There was leftovers to eat so no cooking. WOO HOO!

I was looking at my list of WIPs the other day and I told myself, Rosi G. you are going to finish that freaking Kimono sweater this weekend. And so I did.

KimonoAnd I said, Rosi G. you gotta do something about that Underwater Afghan that you KNOW you’re knot wanting to knit. Straight Garter soooo boring. YAAAAAAAAAWN. And so I decided that I’m gonna rip it and knit an afghan with the Encore doubled up similar to My Greatest Masterpiece.

And guess what else I did this weekend? I broke my yarn diet. I sure as all fuck did. I mean, ferfuxsake, have ya’ll seen how I’ve been burning up those needles?? Whipping out FO’s like a mofo! HA!

So I treated myself to some jarn from the Yarn Tree for a MATCHING hat and scarf for me. Because I have tons that don’t match. LOL I bought some Catalina Chunky Alpaca. Good GRIEF is this yarn SOFT! No pix. Sorry.

But you see, I didn’t really cheat on the diet ya’ll. Why, you say? What excuse do I have for possibly going on Saturday night and going to the Yarn Tree and buying yarn??

Well, ya’ll. I made something else this weekend, too.

Baby Surprise Jacket

That’s a Baby Surprise Jacket. All about the EZ ya’ll. All about EZ.

Now you tell me: didn’t this knitter deserve a treat???? And that’s not ALL I did this weekend. But the rest will be for a post later this week! HA!

WIP Update

Wednesday morning, I was at the train station waiting and I pulled out my scarf to knit on. This woman sitting next to me says, “You know, I’ve seen you on the train knitting all the time. You inspired me to sign up for a knitting class in my building! It looks so relaxing!” I said “YOU DID??? THAT’S GREAT!!!” I asked her what building and it ended up being that she’s taking the class at Stitches East on 53rd. That convo made my day. I felt so happy to have inspired someone to actually start to knit!

WIP Update

I’m working steadily on all my WIPs and finishing lots of things lately. I have that Dreaded Yarn Diet, ya know!

DSCF0320I started a new project yesterday: a scarf from the Elizabeth I series. This is the Town & Country one. Very easy. It’ll be a xmas gift.

ReeseDouble Flower ClothHere is a Multidirectional scarf that I started for my boss’s hubby for xmas (she has no kids so I decided to make him something instead. She’s always very generous to me and my kids during the holidays.) Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted
I started the Double Flower Washcloth (thanks, Theresa!). I’m ready to continue it and fly through it on circs but it’s the same size needle as the scarf! LOL Yarn: Tahki Willow
Lady EleanorNegative Bricks Socks (2)I think I mentioned before that I’m doing a Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style KAL with Jeanine. Yarn: Patons SWS

I started the legs of the Negative Bricks socks and didn’t like how the pattern was making the leg not-stretchy enough. So these will be regular old stockinette socks now w/maybe a cute ribbing at top. Probably Mistake Rib cuz ya’ll know how I love me some Mistake Ribbing!!! Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot
Unfinished Fetching (2)Seamless HybridThe Fetchings are still unfinished only because of the yarn situation (I ran out of the original yarn). I really don’t feel like ripping back on the finished one to use another yarn to finish both. WAAAAAAAAAH! Yarn: Tahki New Tweed

The Seamless Hybrid is slowly chugging along. I’m not too fast on stockinette in size 6 needles apparently!!!!! Yarn: Dale of Norway Sisik

Baby KimonoUnderwater AfghanAnother thing I don’t enjoy doing is too much garter. I dunno WHY I haven’t finished this Baby Kimono, really! Maybe I’ll try to finish it this weekend. Yarn: Cascade Pima Tencel
Let’s not even talk about the Underwater Baby Afghan. Still at the same point from months ago. Yarn: Patons Plymouth Encore

Well, that’s my WIP update. I HAVE been finishing a bunch of things as ya’ll know so I don’t feel too bad about those last two UFO’s. They’ll get done…eventually!

Happy Blogiversary, Rosi G.!

Wow, a whole year already. This is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever kept a “diary” this long. LOL

I’m very happy to have met so many of you through blogging and knitting. I’ve learned so much from a lot of you. Thanks and keep on blogging!!!

For the contest, I thought of doing something where you would go on a sorta scavenger hunt through my blog for the answers to five questions. But I’m so busy knitting that I’ll make it really simple for everyone: just leave me a comment and I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner – or toss people’s names in a hat and pick a name! I’ll decide on Monday. I’ll give everyone til Monday to post comments. Don’t post a thousand comments either! Limit is two comments per person on this same post. And full sentences on each comment! LOL

Spread the word, anyone can play!!

Now for some FO’s I’ve made recently towards my Yarn Diet goal (see sidebar).

These are 3 hats. Click on each pic for more info. (Hey, Wendy! I was able to figure out how to mistake rib all the way through the hat. Just try to follow the pattern while doing the decreases. LOL)

Gian Ganomy Hat Tano

I finished these mittens for the daughter of a friend of mine.


And lastly, a sock for my cell phone!

Cell Sock (1)