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  1. I love your website!!! There is sooo much to behold!! Can you send me the codes or linkks for the progress bars on your site…They are very clean-cut and classy!!

  2. I love your website ! and your models look great in your knits, too. Your three-cornered hat is just what I’d love to knit – can I beg, borrow, +/or pay for this pattern ? I can’t imagine how you figure out how to design anything like this, congratulations. Lou

  3. I love your ravelry button. can you tell me how to download it and post it on my own blog if you’re willing to share it? thanks! 😆

  4. Hi Rosie, I just found your weblog, and it is awesome. I too lived in New York, however for the past nine years I am NYRICAN living in Virginia. I am fascinated with learning how to knit. I have made scarves, but I want to make socks or a pretty shawl. Can you recommend a beginner pattern with not too much difficulty for me.
    Thanks so much. You do beautiful work, and have a beautiful family.

  5. 😛 OMG I love it!! I’m so happy to have found your site from ravelry. I love the idea of no sewing for making a knitted purse. That’s the only reason I have no knitted a bag as yet!
    Luv Ya!

  6. Hi Rosi! Remember me from the Dish? I was tickled pink to see you on Ravelry. I’m off now to read through your site here! Nice to “see” you, glad you are doing well! Now we have two things in common, soaping and knitting!

  7. Hi Rosi,

    Thank you so much for sharing! One member of the Yahoo group BlytheKenner knit your Capitn hat in a different needle size (US 21/2) with 4 ply fingering yarn and it turned out like this (follow the link for a picture):

    She gave you credit on the Yahoo group and I just had to have this pattern, I love to knit! Especially for dolls.
    Of course I will go and have a look at all your patterns, such wonderful knits you made!

    Bye from The Netherlands.

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