I’m bored with all my WIPs. As can happen! That colorful sock I really don’t wanna do it’s mate. I think I may rip the IMG_1041.JPGwholeIMG_1040.JPG thing out and call it a day. I’m just not feeling it. The beige poncho thingie on the left: I’m not in the mood to knit for the person that it was intended for. LOL That sounds fucked up but that’s just the way it is right now.

GL’s kimono: too hot for him to wear it just yet and he’s too small for it yet so I IMG_1045.JPGhave time to finish it. The multicolored blanket for him I also don’t feel like knitting on.

So basically I’ve been steadily knitting on his diagonal blanket which as I said previously is almost finished but I ran out of yarn (!@#%!#) and the Baud’s which need a few more repeats up the leg.


Therefore, I’ve added a new simple WIP and of course I’m yarn shopping for a couple of other projectsIMG_1359.JPG I wanna start. I started My So Called Scarf using my one skein of Malabrigo in the Oro y Vino colorway.
IMG_1361.JPGWOW! In the skein this thing isn’t HALF as soft as it is when knitted!!! So I decided to make my boss’s xmas present from Malabrigo – a Clap! 😀

PS: Thank GAWD I had a swift to wind this yarn. It was the first time using my winder with a swift and in two minutes (instead of 40!) I had a nice center pull skein!! WOO HOO!

One thought on “New WIP”

  1. Hahahhahaha. I still gotta get me a swift and winder. If I have space in my bag, I’m bringing yarn with me to wind up, so get those bad boys out!


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