Blocking Boards

IMG_1634.JPGI had fabric leftover from the 10 yds I bought for the carts. So I made some blocking boards. I’m happy cuz I’m using things that I had around the house. Extra wood from some shelves we’d made in the last apartment became the blocking boards.


– 3′ x 2′ piece of wood

– 1 package of High Loft Quilter’s Polyester Batting from Walmart – this is so that you don’t get splinters of wood from the back of the board when you use it or move it
– 1 package of 24″ x 96″ x 1″ Foam Sheet – this is what you will pin your garment to
– Staple Gun

IMG_1635.JPGI put one piece of the foam sheet on front side of the wood, 1 piece of the batting on the back side. Wrap the ends of the foam sheet over the long side of the board. Staple down in the back over the batting. Measure out the fabric and cut to size of the board. Steam or iron it out. (At least a little! LOL) Wrap the board in the fabric, fold in the edges and staple them down. That’s it!!

I still had stuff left over so I made a little board that I can use on my lap to sew pieces of knitting together without needing to use my dining room table. Same procedure. Board measures 5″ x 10.5″

One thought on “Blocking Boards”

  1. this is a good idea!!! i keep blocking on my ironing broad!!! i might have to make me one! hubby will be real happy cause is uses the ironing bord… i try to avoid it at all cost!

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