You never forget…

When you learn how to do something you love, you very rarely forget how to do it. I never liked to ride a bike too much, hence, I forgot! But sewing! Ahh, I loved sewing. Still do. I was being lazy and was asking Blind Man to make some covers for my yarn cart for me. I have been wanting that Lantern Moon Sea Grass basket tower that has the muslin covers but was hesitant to drop the cash on it when I could spend that cash on yarn! So, we started with this:


About 5 yards of fabric, 6 yards of elastic and 5 hours later, we ended up with:


Waddya think?? I know it doesn’t look as hot as the Lantern Moon ones but it uses up something I already had here in the house (saved money!!) and it has WHEELS! WHEEEEE!

IMG_1626.JPGOn knitting news, the other day after I finished the Dancing Socks, I cast on for a baby hoodie that I’d been wanting to make Gian. I decided that instead of converting to the round like I usually do, I would make this sweater in pieces as the pattern reads and then use the techniques shown in “How to Become an Expert Knitter.” I want to master these techniques because they look like they would make a beautiful garment!

After all that sewing (not to mention a few Peechie Nappies (Fuzzy Navels)), I looked similar to this:


By the way, is there anyone that owns the book Learn to Knit Socks and would like to take over my half finished fleck socks? I’ll send you the yarn, the started project plus some handmade soap! 😀

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