OMG I’ve been cracking up ALL morning!  Check this dude out!

Full View - 7 sts droppedCloseup - 7 sts droppedOn knitting: I started the clapotis for Lauren on Tuesday as I said I would. I’m faaaar into it. It’s going much faster than the other clap I knit. In two days, I’ve already dropped 7 stitches!! The colorway is really pretty and I think will suit her style perfectly.

A warning to mothers of little baby boys out there: when changing a baby boy’s diaper, ALWAYS ALWAYS cover their wee wee. Unless you want to be pee’d on. Two boys later: I STILL haven’t learned my lesson! Gian took it upon himself to pee on me this morning – TWICE! When he starts to pee like that I turn into a numbskull who doesn’t know WHAT to put over his wee wee to try to catch some of the freakin fountain of pee! Today I decided to use the dirty diaper I had just rolled up to throw away…..AFTER I attempted to catch it into my hand! Idiot me didn’t think to use the CLEAN diaper that I had just placed under him!

IMG_1677IMG_1681He was just chillin and smiling during his antics. He pee’d all over his crib, this kid! So as revenge I’m posting these naked pix of him here! MWAAAHAHAHAHHAA

3 thoughts on “YouTube”

  1. That is freakin’ hilarious!!! U’ve been BLESSED by GL twice in 1 morning…LMAO LMAO
    Thanks for the laugh!!!!

  2. GURL!!!! i’m so tired of being peeed on!!! i’m like i wasn’t like this with the girls and my boy is almost 8 so i don’t remember this. i am re-learning this boy thing all over again. i was just gonna blog about this today. this boy has pissed on my squirted poop on me… i mean DANG!nomatter how fast i change the diaper it never fails. even when i do cover him it somehow manages to run down onto the bed. i have gotten good a dougin it though! 😉

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