Knit Out 2006

Look at me at my first Knit Out!Hola, dear readers! I went to my first Knit Out this Sunday and it was a BLAST! We were in Union Square here in the city (that’s what we NYers call Manhattan! LOL). It was sooo neat to see all these knitters altogether in the same place, sitting and knitting wherever it struck their fancy. Necia, my friend, I’m so glad you invited me. This was entirely my first time at ANY sort of knitting event or get-together. I will DEFINITELY be going to more! 😀

I got to meet several of Necia’s pals. We also joined her knitting group for a sit-down on the lawn of the park to knit. You couldn’t erase the smile off my face from watching all these knitters with their needles flying. 😀 Necia has plans for us to go to Rhinebeck for the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival and having gone to Knit Out, I’m even MORE excited about that trip than ever before. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be great!

I got to meet Amy Singer from Knitty! She took lots of pix that she has posted on her blog. You can see Jeanine and I “cheesin”, as Jeanine says. LOL

Knit BootsThere was this knitter there that knit real BOOTS and SNEAKERS!!! I didn’t catch a pic of her sneakers but check out these boots! Now THAT is creative! Clic the pic to see more Knit Out pix.
It was my first time taking my KIPers bag on public transportation. It was cool being able to carry it comfortably BUT the freakin little purse kept unsnapping from where you hook it on to the larger bag. That was annoying as all get out! UGH!

On Knitting Knews, I’ve been working on some WIP’s that I had here. You can see that the progress bars for Gian’s Baby Hoodie and the Portland Pullover are GONE and the one for the Totally Tubular is just a tad bit more full. (BTW, HUMONGOUS thanks to Sade for sharing her progress bar plugin for my blog! I heart it! Smooches, Sade!) I’ll take pix of the pullover and hoodie tomorrow.
I received my Amazon order today that had the Knitting Without Tears by EZ and Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman. The techniques book is EXCELLENT. It has a lot of the steps taught on the How To Become an Expert Knitter site. It’s great to have it in book form tho. It was going to take lots of ink for me to print out pages from that site! The Knitting Without Tears book I bought mostly to make the seamless hybrid sweater for Tano as I mentioned before.

I am off to start swatching the Sisik that my pal sent me for Tano’s sweater so enough rambling! Toodle-oo!

5 thoughts on “Knit Out 2006”

  1. Hey Rosi –

    Re: The KIPer bag – did you lock the clasps? It seems the instructions on that were less than clear, so people haven’t realized that the clasps actually lock. That way, even if the magnets come loose, the purse will still be attached at the top. When you fold the clasp down, push on the solid side until the bottom of the “U” shape is up against the peg part, and it won’t go ANYWHERE.

    Looks like you guys had a blast – wish I was closer to NYC, I’d have come up in a heartbeat.

  2. i’m jealous! i never get to go anywhere cool like that. not with all my monters! and i don’t no ANYONE that knits outside of the net! i am lovin those boots!!!

  3. Hey Hey!

    It was great meeting you! The boot idea is FAB!
    I feel bad that I didn’t get to sit with y’all and knit. Standing around with Knitty City, gave me tan lines from the sun.

    Lemme’ know about Rhinebeck, I’d love to go! But, I’m telling you now girl, start saving your money, cause it’s like that!

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