Photo Shoot!

I’ve been busy! Can ya tell? I want to start so many new projects that I thought it’d be important to finish off some of those WIPs I’ve had sitting on my bars.

First up: the Portland Pullover from IK Fall 2006. I’m not crazy about the fit. It’s definitely for one of those super cold days when you want to wear something OVER your turtleneck. Plus it’s mohair…and it’s NOT Suri Dream so it’s scratchy as all get out. Last time I use La Gran Mohair for a garment.

Portland Pullover - Front Portland Pullover - Back

Totally TubularNext up: Totally Tubular! I had this thing sitting in my WIP pile for almost a year now! I needed to get it OFF my list! I think it was the oldest WIP…either that or the freakin fleck socks! It’s OBVIOUSLY not meant for me as it doesn’t fit! HA! It was meant for another friend who got sort of distant so I scratched that idea and offered it to my Comadre (Gian’s Godmother) Auris. I showed it to her unfinished, she liked it, so it gave me some inspiration to finish it. Once I present it to her I’ll post a pic of her wearing it as it will look much nicer on her petite form.

Finished Baby HoodieDiagonal Baby BlanketHere’s the Baby Hoodie all assembled now! Thanks to the tips from the Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques. Also, Gian modelling the Diagonal Baby Blanket that I never got to post a proper picture of.

My So Called ScarfModelling LaurenA new pic of My So Called Scarf. And finally a pic of me modelling (COUGH) Lauren’s Clapotis. 😀

BTW: Necia had asked in a comment if I’d made any mods to the Clapotis. The only mod I made was that I did two less repeat of Section 2 increases. I did all 13 repeats of the straight section. Once I block it, we’ll know what size it REALLY is!

4 thoughts on “Photo Shoot!”

  1. Gorgeous! The pullover is a great color, too bad about the “itchy-itchy-scratchy-scratchy ooh I got one on my backy” (um…camp song.) But the Clapotis! Oooh! Pretty colors too! Good God you got a lot to show off today. Love the colors in the baby blanket and the hoodie! I started a My So-Called Scarf last year, on wooden needles so it ended up pissing me off and sits in my closet. Maybe I’ll dig it back out. I like Totally Tubular. I’ve been wanting a capelet but I honestly don’t know if it would end up bugging the hell out of me. Does it make you feel like you’re in a straight jacket?

  2. Hi! Could you tell me more about the Diagonal Baby Blanket? Is it the one from Lion Brand? What yarn did you use and how big did you make it? I’m at the widest point (and getting wider) of mine, so I need some ahem, encouragement 🙂 Also having no experience of babies, I’m unsure what a good size is for blankets.

  3. Yes indeed you’ve been super busy. Good for you. I love the pullover and the color is gorgeous. It looks good on you. The baby items are adorable.

    I have that scarf pattern. Would it be ok if I made it too in the same colourway? I heart those colors. I think you and I favor the same colors.

    Your Clapotis….I wouldn’t be able to part with it. Again, I like those colors. Lauren is lucky.

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