G-Luc’s Hat

Sucky Happy Monday, folks!

This weekend was Necia’s b-day! BIG HUG AND MUCH LOVE TO MY GIRL! I’m glad she had a good time on her day as she deserved it.

On Knitting: I weaved in the ends on Gian’s hat. It’s sooo cute and of course he looks good enough to bite those cheeks in this hat. (But my opinion may be biased…just a bit. LOL)

G-LucG-Luc G-Luc

See how he was getting sleepy towards the end of our photo shoot? HAHAHA

Specs: Almost one full skein of main color and a bit of the other of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I made it following the basic hat pattern in the book the Knitter’s Book of Handy Patterns for a 16″ or so circumference. Size 4 dpns.

I seamed up Sizzle this weekend also. Just have to do the neck and armhole edges and all done! I tried it on and it fits ok. Just can’t see the final fit without it being finished.

I’ve ripped out part of one of the Anastasia Socks for like the THIRD time this morning on the train. I keep screwing it up! WTF! It’s such an EAAASY pattern to do. Get with the program, Rosi G.!!

We went to have brunch at Kellogg’s yesterday (little diner in Brooklyn that is ALWAYS packed). I decided to wear my newly finished Portland Pullover since it was in the 50s. First off, I was SWEATING INSIDE the diner. FCUK that sweater is WARM! Plus, between the heat and the mohair, my nose was SUPER itchy. I wasn’t sneezing. I just wanted to scratch and pull at my nose. So needless to say, I did NOT enjoy the first time I wore this thing.

Did I mention that I’m NOT a morning person?

One EXCELLENT thing about this morning: G-Luc giggled at me as I carried him in my arms and walked out the door this morning. His first giggle. For no reason. Too cute!!!

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  1. re: the Anastasia socks

    Once you get a couple rows done, you’ll see it and when you have to do the decreases and YOs. But the key is to remember there are 11 plain stitches between the pattern stitches.

    For the K2togs, I knew when I got to the stitch right before the k2tog in the row below, it was time to do another. For the SSKs, when I get above the YO from the previous row, it’s time for another. And so on. Read your knitting and forget the chart. You’ll get it.

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