Can I get a WOOT WOOT!

Si, mis amigos, Rosi has a new toy! Thanks to Turtlegirl for letting not minding helping me pick out my new Fuji Finepix F20, just like hers. Cuz ya’ll know I can’t make up my mind whether I wanna be Turtlegirl, The YoYo Knits, or Brooklyn Tweed when I grow up (although that latter may take some surgery! HA!).

Here’s my contribution to YPF. Schaeffer Anne. I love me some Schaeffer! Cantcha tell? I’m doing my Perfect Pie in this yarn in red and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to come up with a plan for this one. Thoughts anyone? I have 1120 total yards. What shawl would look nice in this yarn?

Schaeffer Anne (7)Schaeffer Anne (9)Schaeffer Anne (8)Schaeffer Anne (4)Schaeffer Anne (2)Schaeffer Anne

If ya’ll look over there —–> on my sidebar, you will notice a new section called “Yarn Diet”. I have to make 5 major projects before I can break my diet. So I asked the expert on all things, Jeanine, how many hats make up one major project and how many gloves and socks. She said 4 hats and 2 gloves and 2 pairs of socks.
Now I ask you, my loyal readers, how many scarves make up a large project? I have to make at least 3 this winter.

Hey!! My blogiversary is tomorrow! What shall I do?? Do ya’ll want a contest and a yarn prize???

12 thoughts on “Can I get a WOOT WOOT!”

  1. Yay! I got a shout-out! (And a good one, too!)

    Yay! Have a contest! It’s all the rage!

    Yay! Yarn Pr0n! (I gotta get me some Schaeffer, seriously.)

    You should think about picking up that Victorian Lace Today book – SOOO many gorgeous shawls and scarves…and I think if a scarf is lacy and fairly intricate, one scarf counts as a major project.

    (Jeanine is TOUGH, man!! FOUR hats?? Boo!!)

  2. I say 2 scarfs make a major project. For me, just making one scarf seems like a major project.

    Do we want a contest with a yarn prize? Does a fat kid like cake?

  3. Lovely YP!!! Love the colors! Yay for new camera’s too! Sadly I am no help as for what to do with it other than look and fondle.

    As for scarves I love knitting them lengthwise! Only about 10-20 rows…well long rows LOL! Happy YPF! 🙂

  4. Icarus shawl is a good idea, or the Wing o’ the Moth shawl or Casino shawl. Flower Basket Shawl or Leaf Lace Shawl would be pretty in that yarn.

  5. I think 2 scarves is major. SOCKS! You can never have enough sock yarn. You should be able to buy sock yarn. Less calories than regular yarn 🙂

  6. Sorry about the yarn diet, that’s never fun 🙁 If you have a blogiversary yarn contest, I think you’ll just have to replace whatever you give away. Don’t want that stash to get lonely!

    Hehe, sorry, I won’t tempt you anymore 🙂

    And if the yarn you want from me isn’t available when the diet’s over, no worries, I’d love to dye you some more!

  7. Awesome. I’m still getting the handle of “our” camera =) but it does give good pr0n does it not? And I love that you can switch to macro mode so easily. Yee haw!

    Good luck on the yarn diet. As for scarves, I really, really think it depends on the stitch pattern and time spent put into it. I think any “major” project is going to have a good 50 hours of knitting put into it. So, if we’re talking Size 50 needles and Lion Thick & Quick – 50 scarves. If it’s more like an entrelac scarf or something with fair isle or whatnot, then it may just be 2 or 3. Use your honest judgement.

  8. It is hard to make a comment when you have to type the name of a “let me hold my nose” team.


    The hats are great, I love the ribbed one.

    A case for your cell phone is great.

  9. Nice job on the hats and mittens! They look great. That Schaefer yarn is georgeous! I can’t wait to see what you chose to make. There have been some great suggestions!

  10. Love that hat to the right of the baby hat. It reminds me of the special request I received from my 12 year son. He wanted that hat in Fat Albert, you know the one that Dumb Donald wears. Why would a child ask me to knit something like that? Anyways, your’s is very cute and original.

    Ohbe, andbe Ibe hopbe tobe winbe the contestbe…

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