Happy Blogiversary, Rosi G.!

Wow, a whole year already. This is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever kept a “diary” this long. LOL

I’m very happy to have met so many of you through blogging and knitting. I’ve learned so much from a lot of you. Thanks and keep on blogging!!!

For the contest, I thought of doing something where you would go on a sorta scavenger hunt through my blog for the answers to five questions. But I’m so busy knitting that I’ll make it really simple for everyone: just leave me a comment and I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner – or toss people’s names in a hat and pick a name! I’ll decide on Monday. I’ll give everyone til Monday to post comments. Don’t post a thousand comments either! Limit is two comments per person on this same post. And full sentences on each comment! LOL

Spread the word, anyone can play!!

Now for some FO’s I’ve made recently towards my Yarn Diet goal (see sidebar).

These are 3 hats. Click on each pic for more info. (Hey, Wendy! I was able to figure out how to mistake rib all the way through the hat. Just try to follow the pattern while doing the decreases. LOL)

Gian Ganomy Hat Tano

I finished these mittens for the daughter of a friend of mine.


And lastly, a sock for my cell phone!

Cell Sock (1)

22 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary, Rosi G.!”

  1. Happy blogiversary!

    What a wacky phone…it might even be more complicated than mine! (Mine almost blew my mind when I discovered I could watch TV on it. Those crazy nerds!!)

    I’m telling you, we’re the same person – I thought the SAME THING when I knitted those baby booties a few months ago. I was like, “Why didn’t anyone TELL me about this double-knitting thing? Hello little zippered cases! Hello cell phone & i-Pod socks!”

  2. Hey,

    Happy Blogiversary!!!! You did an amazing job! I really like the Aracunia hat. Who knew it would look so fabulous all knit up!

    Actually I like everything! One more hat to go!!! Wanna make one for me? hehehe!

  3. Love all the hats! Nice work! That is the first time I’ve seen the Atacama knit up! I really like it and it’s on sale at my AC Moore’s too! EEK!

    That is some speedy knitting there! Happy Blogiversary! (mine’s next month!)

  4. Hey! I left my comment on the previous post – I’m doing it again so I get in on the contest! By the way…I’m ignoring your Must-Knit lists….don’t need to see anything else to add to my own list of projects!

  5. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Oh and my anti=spam word for the day is tangled (I hate tangled yarn, but sometimes it’s so therapeutic to untangle!)

  6. I love the baby hat. I’m a little obsessed with hat’s myself right now. I’ve got two I’d like to finish by Xmas and one that I’ve just finished for myself. Happy anniversary!!

  7. This is my second comment – hahah, I’m a jerk!

    I didn’t even acknowledge the great hats on cute heads – good work! You’ll be off that stinkin’ yarn diet in NO time!

  8. Happy Blogiversary! I was introduced to your Blog by my cousin Harlem Purls and have been addicted ever since.

  9. OH YEAH I READ THE BLOG THERE IS A CONTEST INVOLVED!:) So this is my limit in comments. I like Gian’s Mistake Rib Hat but I absolutely LOVED the fingerless gloves that you wore to Rhinebeck.

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