Busy Little Me

Happy Thanksgiving from The GarmendiasHmmm, let me think about that a moment...I hope everyone had a LOOOVELY holiday. I know we sure did. We stuffed our faces and were all cozy and warm at home as a family, happily, together. I’m glad it was a beautiful day because my son, Alex, had made a comment to me a couple of weeks earlier about how this year it would be different because of “you know who” that she used to cook and what not. Well, guess what? Rosi G. kicked ASS with the cooking ya’ll!! We were all sooo happy with how it all turned out. It was just us and then later on that evening a couple of friends came over with their daughter and ate.

Rosi G. also did LOTS of knitting this weekend. In fact, I barely moved some days! LOL All I wanted to do was chill and knit. There was leftovers to eat so no cooking. WOO HOO!

I was looking at my list of WIPs the other day and I told myself, Rosi G. you are going to finish that freaking Kimono sweater this weekend. And so I did.

KimonoAnd I said, Rosi G. you gotta do something about that Underwater Afghan that you KNOW you’re knot wanting to knit. Straight Garter soooo boring. YAAAAAAAAAWN. And so I decided that I’m gonna rip it and knit an afghan with the Encore doubled up similar to My Greatest Masterpiece.

And guess what else I did this weekend? I broke my yarn diet. I sure as all fuck did. I mean, ferfuxsake, have ya’ll seen how I’ve been burning up those needles?? Whipping out FO’s like a mofo! HA!

So I treated myself to some jarn from the Yarn Tree for a MATCHING hat and scarf for me. Because I have tons that don’t match. LOL I bought some Catalina Chunky Alpaca. Good GRIEF is this yarn SOFT! No pix. Sorry.

But you see, I didn’t really cheat on the diet ya’ll. Why, you say? What excuse do I have for possibly going on Saturday night and going to the Yarn Tree and buying yarn??

Well, ya’ll. I made something else this weekend, too.

Baby Surprise Jacket

That’s a Baby Surprise Jacket. All about the EZ ya’ll. All about EZ.

Now you tell me: didn’t this knitter deserve a treat???? And that’s not ALL I did this weekend. But the rest will be for a post later this week! HA!

6 thoughts on “Busy Little Me”

  1. Well, well Ms. Rosi G. You did indeed kick ass with the knitting AND you deserve a treat!

    I like the Kimono. CUTE. The Baby Surprise.. isn’t it a fast fun knit?

    Enjoy the new jarn!

  2. I don’t know if you deserve a treat or not, yea yea I’m a hard ass, but I do know and knew you would break that yarn diet. LMFAO.


  3. That is so funny. You did get a lot of knitting done. I don’t know if it justifies the buying of new yarn, but at least you can feel like you got a lot accomplished before you bought new yarn, right? 🙂

  4. Hey Rosi! The fam and the knitting looks beautiful. I’m jealous! How is everyone. Left you a message a while back. Be good, we gotta catch up on some stuff.

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