Ya’ll see this? This here signifies the END OF THE DIET! I have reached my goal. Yup. I half-cheated this weekend when I bought the yarn for this hat but I was only a hat or a scarf away from finishing so it was just a small advance payment! HA!

This here is the 3-cornered hat from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book Knitter’s Almanac. Same book that has the Ganomy hat. It was a super fast knit. I used Catalina Chunky yarn from the Yarn Tree DOUBLE stranded on size 13 needles. The only mod I did was to cast on an additional 6 sts because apparently my head is too big! Actually, it was because EZ has a gauge of 5.25 sts per 2″. Mine is 5 sts….now that I measure it!! Geeze! I made a booboo! LOL When I had cast on the required 36 sts the hat wasn’t fitting me. Go figure. Oh well. I love how big and bulky it is.

Whaddya think?

3-Cornered HatSide ViewClose-upBack View
Pattern: 3-Cornered Hat
Source: Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac
Yarn: Catalina Chunky 100% Baby Alpaca
Needles: Size 13 Knit Picks Options
Cost: $11.60 per skein, took 2 skeins plus a tad bit of another
Started: November 26, 2006
Ended: November 28, 2006

Now for my treat for reaching my goal, I’m shopping at the following two etsy shops: Yarnahoy and Adam Knits. I know what I’m getting from Adam already. It’s this DELISH colorway he has!!! Still browsing Yarnahoy.

But I think that’s it for now. Too much holiday shopping to do! So..back on the yarn diet again until the next 5 projects are complete!

9 thoughts on “Gooooooooal!!”

  1. Daaamn I’m envious. That hat would probably look ridonkulous on me and it is SO CUTE on you!! Good job – and I’m glad to see you’re rewarding yourself so quickly! If it’ll help, you can count some of my FOs toward your diet, since I’m not ever even going to pretend I could stick to a yarn diet.

    (BTW, I wasn’t able to comment when I first read it – but the lady on the subway whom you inspired to take a knitting class? AWESOME!)

  2. Bravo!

    I really like the stitch definition on that hat. Your decreases look sleek.

    I’m digging those colorways. The Delish reminds me of Opal Tiger.

  3. That hat would look so effing good on MOI. F it, enough of the blatantness of this post. I WANT


  4. That is the neatest hat! I’ve never seen that before! Nice work!

    BTW-I just got Adam’s Peppermint cocoa, but the one you want is just as yummy!

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