Meet Chloe!

ChloeIsn’t she beautiful?? She’s all GROWN & SEXY!!! I love her!

She’s sooo grown and sexy that my feet DANGLE when I sit on her. AND the back is way up above my head!!! I can recline on her and put G-Luc between my legs laying on the bottom part of her and he actually was so comfy like that he fell asleep in that position last night!!!

I threatened ALL of my bratty kids that they should keep their booties off of her and WHAT DID THEY DO?? First thing after Tano put her together they PLOPPED ON HER!! The poor thing!!! She must have been overwhelmed! She was getting plopped on every 5 minutes!!!! 🙁 I pet her some and then gently placed my booty on her and felt her relax…

Oh wait…or was that me???

Did I mention that she swivels, rocks, reclines, AND gives massage at TWO points???

4 thoughts on “Meet Chloe!”

  1. One word for u: LOCA…lol lol

    Enjoy your chair and when I go and visit I’ll go and relax on her as well……..

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