First FO’s of 2007

Hey, everyone. I’ve been MIA now for 10 days. Why? Dunno. I keep blogging in my head and forget to write it down! Heh!

But I do have two FO’s for you guys.

Shepherd Bulky Rainbow Hat (18)First up, a hat I made with the silk/merino my loving DH (Dear Husband) gave me for Christmas. I used that held-together with some Opal Sock yarn that I got from Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions. The pattern is called the Shepherd Bulky Hat from One Skein Wonders. Cute book with cute patterns, btw. I made a few mods to the pattern tho.

Shepherd Bulky Rainbow Hat (19)1 – It states you should knit the entire hat flat and then sew the back seam. I don’t like that. So I knitted the band (widest part, w/cables) flat (like a scarf) until it measured 20″. I picked up sts along the cast-on edge and did a 3-needle bind-off on the back seam.

2- I then picked up the necessary sts to make the crown and after a while began the decreases. Since the pattern is meant to be knit in the flat with a WS and RS, I didn’t account for this when knitting the crown. It’s supposed to have ribbing — you would decrease right before the purl1. I screwed it up and somehow did a column of moss stitch over 2 sts instead of purling 1 stitch. I like the effect tho.

3 – It calls for you to pick up sts along the bottom edge and knit for a few rows or until you run out of yarn, making a rolled-up edge. I decided to grab a crochet hook and make a quick picot edge (chain 3, slip into next stitch, rinse, wash, repeat) around the bottom instead. Waddya think?

Secondly, I made up a pattern for some wristwarmers to match my li’l hat. I have called this pattern the Lace Rib Wristwarmers. HA!

Lace and Rib Wristwarmers (2) Lace and Rib Wristwarmers (3)


Gauge: about 4 sts to the inch. I know I used size 10 KP Options needles – Magic Loop, two at once.

  • CO 30 sts.
  • Repeat Lace Rib pattern 4 times.
  • At start of 17th row, bind off 4 sts and continue in pattern.
  • At start of 18th row, cast on 4 sts and continue in pattern.
  • Continue in Lace Rib pattern for a total of 45 rows knitted from cast on ending with Row 1.
  • Bind off loosely.

Lace Rib Pattern:

  • Rows 1 & 3: k2, p2 around.
  • Row 2: *yo, ssk, p2. repeat from * around.
  • Row 4: *k2tog, yo, p2. repeat from * around.

Source: Vogue Stitchionary – Volume 1
Yarn: Silk/Merino blend from Yarn Tree and Opal Hundertwasser Sock Yarn held together

On another note, I met up with Necia on Tuesday and we went to this GREAT Coffee Shop in the Village called Porto Rico. MMMM the smeeeell alone is enough to get you high. The high point of our lunch-time venture was going to this one place that Jeanine told Necia about. My girl was looking for this place like a crackhead looking for his supplier that has apparently moved locations! LOL Girl, you know I love you but I was laughing inside when I saw how badly you wanted this stuff.

This stuff people…this stuff is Nirvana. This is what makes being an adult so much fun. Dessert for lunch!

Cream puffs. Crispy, fluffy, CREAAAAAMY cream puffs. An entire BAKERY dedicated to cream puffs. Good God.

She told me they were good. I said, “OK, I’ll try one.” I took the first bite and before you know it my face was buried deep in this thing and I had cream on my nose and cheeks and chin and I was yes’ing and no’ing to everything she said but if you ask me now what she told me, I cannot repeat it. I was gobbling too fast and furious. I almost had an orgasm from the goodness of this thing. GOOD LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!! Man o man.

Folks if you live in the City, you MUST visit Beard Papa for some of these cream puffs filled with the nectar of the Gods. But apparently they also have other locations elsewhere. Check their site.
Jeanine is heretofore known as Mac P (short for Madeleine Alice Cream Puff).

Gurl, how DO you stay so slim when you’ve introduced me and Necia to such delicious divine delights????

6 thoughts on “First FO’s of 2007”

  1. MAC P in da house!!! LOL!

    I love seeing what you come up with when it comes to the knits!

    CUTE hat. Oh and I love how you manage to churn out the wristwarmers.

  2. I am cream puffed out. Necia over did it somewhere along 4 or 5 cream puffs. I should’ve just kept my greedy arse at 3. I probably will succumb to the Strawberry one’s though, should they decide to offer them.


  3. still drooling here…cream puffs!! YUMMY!

    Nice work on the hat and wrist warmers, lovely yarn! I like how you put the Opal with the silk merino mix. 🙂

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