Mr. Man

Mr. Macho Man FINALLY got his finished sweater. Man, after almost FOUR months of boring stockinette, the thing is DONE. He really likes it. I took pix of it unblocked because we were both happy to just have the thing finished.
Funny, I don’t understand why it’s more of a mock-turtleneck than a crewneck. I knit it as written. No mods.

I would love to hear what you think!

Seamless Hybrid Finished (3) Seamless Hybrid Finished (2) Seamless Hybrid Finished (1)

Pattern: Seamless Hybrid Sweater
Source: Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Dale of Norway Sisik (Hem in Bergere de France Irland)
Cost: Sisik yarn was a gift from SP8
Started: September 27, 2006
Finished: January 14, 2007

15 thoughts on “Mr. Man”

  1. Woohoo Tano has a shirt on. That sweater looks hawt to death on him. It may have took a while, but I know I can say it looks worth the wait. Shai better not get any ideas.


  2. oooooohh that looks GOOOD on him! (said in a complimentary, not creepy, kind of way.) nice job, girl, i like it – and i agree with dilenia, he looks all pouty-male-model, gettin’ his zoolander on! oh, i guess i really should knit a sweater for travis…but why should he get one before i do??

  3. There’s nothing like knitting a sweater for a man to make you happy to see the end of something. It’s worth all the work, though! Great job!

  4. It shows up his biceps really well. 😉

    I’d knit one for Hubby, but he’s a human furnace and in any case he gets by in minus-freezing temperature weather with just a light jacket.

    Is it snug underarms? I’m thinking of knitting one for myself, but finished sweaters that I’ve seen look really snug underarm, and I like to have some ease for better arm movement.

  5. i love it! you did a wonderful job… it looks great! the yarn + color are lovely too. what is it about this sweater that makes it so flattering for guys? i knit one for my husband and it looks like almost all the hybrids on zimmermania are for men. 🙂

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