YPF and Update

Wow. I wanted to cry reading all of your replies to my last post.  Thank you soooo much for your support all of you!  Even a Deacon replied!  I was so happy to read that I had NOT offended anyone and that you all understood me.  That I was NOT overreacting!

Again, thanks so much!

Today I received my two new books that I mentioned in that post and I hope to start them this weekend.  I called the Priest back and asked about our meeting.  He said he’d left a message for the “deacon” and had seem him in passing but they had not had a chance to discuss.  I said, “and?….you have to follow up!”  He said, “Yes, I will follow up and I will give you a call.”

I’m still waiting.  GRRRR  Apparently, he’s not taking this as seriously as I thought he would!  Therefore, I’m writing a letter to the Archdiocese and several other brances of the Church regarding the whole thing.  Wish me luck.

A couple of weeks ago, darling Alyson sent me this WONDERFUL little package in the mail!!!  The thing was heavy.  I thought she’d sent me a rock or something!  It had FOUR skeins of yarn and the CUTEST little stitch markers!!!  I leave you with some YP from that package.

SWTC Bamboo – the heaviest, smallest skein of yarn I’ve EVER seen! (PS: Any suggestions on what to make with it?  I have two skeins – 500 yds total in the purplexed colorway)
SWTC Bamboo SWTC Bamboo (1)SWTC Bamboo (3)SWTC Bamboo (2)

4 thoughts on “YPF and Update”

  1. Show off! LOL

    Maybe you could make the cute faggoted rib scarf we saw at The Point? or… you could make that Short Row Hat with some matching fingerless mitts.

  2. Lovely colorway! I’ve not used bamboo yarn before, one day I’ll tackle my skeins too! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Wishing you well on the Deacon front!

    Take care 🙂

  3. I don’t want to jinx it but my razr experience has been good so far. Wish me luck lol. Good luck with the letters. The priest sounds iffy also

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