On Sock Knitting and Another Update

Man I done called this fool (the real priest) twice already and he keeps saying how he “spoke to the deacon” and he’ll call me tomorrow with a date of when we’ll meet!!!!

For him to call me back yesterday with that much I had to leave a message with the receptionist threatening to call the archdiocese if he didn’t call me back with an answer AFTER having spoken to the deacon BY THAT EVENING! He called me back within 15 minutes talking all this jazz about how he spoke to the deacon but is still waiting for the deacon to “check his schedule” – such BULLCRAP!!! UGH! I didn’t know priests could lie!! It sure feels like that was a lie! Cuz I didn’t know you need a whole week to CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE. Then he comes at me with, “oh, the deacon has a full time job!” I said, “oh yeah??? well i have a full-time job, four kids and a husband and I WILL STILL MAKE TIME FOR WHENEVER THIS MEETING IS SCHEDULED!”

Soooo annoying!!

He’s supposed to call me back today. We’ll see!

In the meantime I started reading the bible. The one in contemporary English. I plan to regale you guys with my take on this study once in a while so let me know if I bore you!

Take 1: I’m reading how God created the Earth and Adam and Eve and they had two boys. Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel. Next paragraph: Cain marries……

UMMM HELLO!! Did I miss something here?? Did I zone out?? Skim back….flip, flip, flip…..hmmm, nope….Cain kills Abel….Cain marries….hmmmm – So…Did he marry Eve? or maybe a sister of his? Either way, it’s incest…I thought that was wrong?

I kept going nevertheless. Got to Noah. I love Noah and his story. I have always loved him ever since I heard the song Noe by Ruben Blades. LOOVE me some Ruben!! MM MM MMMMM! He tells the story of Noe in salsa! Wonderful!

On Socks:

I finished knitting the first of my socks made from my own pattern. I decided to call them Fuego! as the yarn I’m using is Ablaze from Yarn Ahoy. Love the yarn. Just that I picked the wrong pattern for the yarn AGAIN! I think the pattern is really nice and personally, I think I did a good job putting it together! LOL

Do any of you want to try it? If you do, I’ll hold a contest and have judges and what not and give sock yarn as prizes….wink, wink….

Also, does anyone have any tips for me on how to choose the correct pattern for the type of yarn? I did a swatch and all and thought it would go ok…

If you clic on the pic you’ll see many more pictures.

Fuego Socks (10)Fuego Socks (3)Fuego Socks

I also started the Traveler’s Stockings from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I love this pattern – but again, it may not be the correct yarn for it. What do you guys think?


7 thoughts on “On Sock Knitting and Another Update”

  1. If it is not to late you should place a stop payment of your check and be done with it. You will see how fast you will get an appointment with both parties.

  2. I like the Fuego socks and think the lace pattern looks nice with it. Not so sure about the Traveler’s Stockins. Most of the Nancy Bush patterns look best to me in a solid color, but that’s just my opinion. Theresa, of Keyboard Biologist, just wrote yesterday about choosing patterns with variegated and solid sock yarns. She’s by no means an expert, but it’s on opinion. Her blog is: http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/knitblog/. You could always check Wendy of WendyKnits as well for more info on patterns in variegated yarns as well.

  3. Rude people suck, whatever their profession.

    Your socks are lovely, though. Such a pretty lace pattern, and I love the orangey yarn!

  4. (in my best winey voice) I wanna try your sock pattern!!! I like it. I have a bunch of opinions about sock yarns and patterns so I’ll just write you an email.

    As far as the new sock your working on….”eh”. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it but you’re the one that has to wear it so don’t weigh my opinion too heavily.

    p.s. please send pattern soon. My hands are itchin to cast some socks on!

  5. That’s bullshit. If they haven’t cashed the check yet (which I’m sure they already did first thing Monday) you should place a stop payment on it. Gah. I can’t believe the priest is in on this too.

  6. I found you because you have linked to my Bias Scarves pattern. Then I recognized you from the Dish (Maia there, but I haven’t posted in forever). I knew for sure it was you when I saw mention of Necia. How fun to find you in the knit blogosphere too.

    I did sock design tutorials for Socktoberfest. They focus on matching pattern stitches to yarn. Maybe they will help?

    BTW, your man is very hot! That sweater looks great.

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