Bags and THE Bag

ashburybag.jpgLOVE this freakin Bag. I’ve been looking at it all weekend. Ya’ll know what though, this is soooo not like me AT ALL! I don’t buy bags as expensive as that. $40 is too much for me sometimes! LOL – Unless it’s a KNITTING bag…

But This Bag. Ever since I saw it….I love it.

It doesn’t matter that it’s Banana and not Coach or whatever. Brand means nothing to me.

We usually treat ourselves to something with our taxes. Tano’s getting a car so I’m still shopping around for my treat. If I bought This Bag I would use my treat money.

But I’m still trying to convince myself!!! Even Tano says I should get it. He likes it.

I haven’t gotten my refund yet, so I have some times to think about it. It’s A LOT of loot for a bag, but this isn’t just A bag. It’s THE Bag. If I DO get it, I’d have to name it, and sleep with it.

It’ll be like Chloe‘s sister!

Drawstring BagsOn the same note, I’ve been a drawstring bag making fool lately! Last weekend I took a bunch of fat quarters and made these drawstring bags. I used Yarn Monster’s tutorial to make the first bag. Then I tried the My Leetle Bag tutorial and I ended up making 3 of those. Yarn Monster’s is good and roomy but I liked the finishing of the drawstring casing on the Leetle Bag. So this past weekend I made two more combining the two. The base and sides like Yarn Monster’s and the drawstring casing (reversibly) like Leetle Bag. Worked out great!!

Drawstring Bags (4)I also hung an ID holder on each so that I can put a slip of paper in it with the name of the project in there as I plan to use all of these bags as my project bags. And if ya’ll know me at all by now, you know that I always have twentyleven projects going at once!

Esmie and I had a grand ol’ time sewing together this Saturday.  She sewed her own drawstring bag after I cut out the pieces for her.  I let her use my Singer sewing machine as her little Bratz sewing machine was on the fritz.  She was only a tad scared when she first pressed down on the pedal but after a while she was like an old pro!  I’ll take pix of her next time.  In our excitement, I completely forgot.  I also have to take picks of the SOCKS SHE MADE FOR G-LUC!!!  Yup, she magic-looped some socks.  I’ll save that for another post.

BTW, our meeting with “The Priest and his minion” is this Wednesday. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.  Oh, and I couldn’t put a stop payment on the check because the donation was in cash.  🙁

10 thoughts on “Bags and THE Bag”

  1. Girl, u know how I feel about the whole bag thing!!I think u should might as well get a Coach or a designer bag if YOU’RE ACTUALLY WILLING to spend that type of cash for it!

    On another note, I LOVE HOW U REDID YOUR PAGE!!!

  2. Get the bag! One would start questioning judgement if it was one of those thousand dollar bags. There’s nothing like carrying something around that seriously makes you happy, silly as that is.

  3. Ohh! I would be tempted to buying that bag as well! Nice project bags there! I keep all mine in a wicker basket…an overflown one at that!

    I like your new blog design also! 🙂

  4. Sometimes, you just have to get a bag. Particularly when it’s something you wouldn’t usually want. I bought one like that a while back, and I’m so glad I did!

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