Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alex's 12th BirthdayAlex and meETA:  Sorry!  I had turned comments off by mistake!!

Twelve years ago today, a star was born! Yep, my eldest son’s bday is today. Can ya’ll just imagine how he’s gonna work that to his advantage in the very near future with all the lovely ladies? We did a little tiny party for him on Saturday because he hadn’t had one in forever – he was happy. I’m proud of my son, love him to pieces. He brought me his report card on Monday and brought his GPA UP BY THREE POINTS!! WOO HOO! Go Alex! I love you son, even if you DO lose hats every week!

My PreciousMy Precious - InsideAnd YESSSS I got My Precious!! Meet her. Here she sits on top of her sister Chloe. Isn’t she a beauty? Apparently, none of these bags are the same. They all look different – different shades of brown leather. I ended up getting the SAME EXACT ONE that I fell in love with in the store window. I am BEYOND happy. Thanks to all of you for helping to convince me to get her. She’s lovely.

New BooksWhat’s inside, you ask? Why, it’s two new books hot off the presses! Interweave’s Lace Style and Favorite Socks. Knit Picks has them both in stock already! YAAAY for Knit Picks! Both are BEAUTIFUL books with great patterns. I really like the Lace Style because it doesn’t only have shawls – it has sweaters, socks, and even a bracelet! I also got one of EZ’s DVDs – A Knitting Glossary – which has been on my wishlist. Also, Astrid had a great sale on Profi needles – free priority shipping when you bought two. These needles are really good. I like them a lot.

A few weeks ago I finished the Storm Water Scarf for a very good friend of mine, Laurie. She received it and says she loves it. 😀 I’m sure she does. She truly is someone that appreciates a good hand knit item made with love. I don’t mind knitting for her AT ALL!

Storm Water Scarf (2)Storm Water ScarfStorm Water Scarf (3)


Pattern: Storm Water Scarf
Source: Little Knits
Yarn: Handmaiden Seasilk (1 skein) & Rowan Kidsilk Haze (1.5 skeins)
Cost: $32 (seasilk); $13.85 each (kidsilk)
Started: December 27, 2006
Finished: ~January 22, 2007

Here’s a link worth bookmarking. gethuman 500 database It’s a database that tells you how to get an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING on the phone instead of those automated voices! UGH! Hate those!

Later this week I hope to be finished with the Fuego Socks and I already have a pattern made up for you guys! There will be a contest attached to this pattern so stay tuned!

Bonus points to anyone that can guess what this is:

What the hell

6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. That looks like those loops kids weave together and make potholders out of….what clever concoction are you working on??

    I want that sock book! And of course, Amazon SAYS it’s in stock and available, but gave me an estimated ship date of APRIL 3RD. Gah! So maybe I should head over to Knitpicks…..

    Preeetty scarf!

  2. Happy B’day to your son! 🙂 The scarf is lovely and so glad you got
    your bag you wanted! As for the colorful object is it a rug from the M-Dixon book?

  3. Happy Birthday to your son!

    So glad you bought the purse and got some knitting stuff too. You deserve stuff that makes you happy.

    Oh, and this is funny: the Storm Water Scarf is almost identical to the Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style! I think the only difference is that it has an extra repeat or two on the sides.

  4. Happy Birthday to DS! I’m loving the bag. I’m a bag freak! I’m going to have to get that sock book this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to that book.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to your son. I hope he had a great birthday. He’ll be a little lover man with that birthday, for sure. By the by, you really can’t show a link to Astrid’s like that. I looked at it and just wasted 20 minutes looking at sock yarn and almost buying some. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve already had two sock yarn indiscretions this week I probably would have. Yikes, that place is dangerous! When you ordered from her, did you have it sent flat rate or priority?

  6. Oh my! Your son is sooooo cute! Such a sweet, open face. And, he is very photogenic.

    The mystery project: my guess is the loops from a potholder kit strung together. It looks very wild.

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