Sweet, Sweet Tam

Sweet GeorgiaDo you guys remember this YPF Episode? The Sweet Georgia yarn. I decided it wanted to be a hat. Something nice and close to your face. So I swatched and cast on to make a tam…that came out waaaaaay too small for me! BUT doesn’t it look GREAT on my daughter? I hereby present to you Li’l Rosi’s Sweet, Sweet Tam!

Sweet, Sweet TamSweet, Sweet Tam (3)Sweet, Sweet Tam (2)Sweet, Sweet Tam (1)

Here are some prOny close-up pix of the stitches.

Sweet Georgia Tam Stitches (5)Sweet Georgia Tam Stitches (4)Sweet Georgia Tam StitchesSweet Georgia Tam Stitches (1)Sweet Georgia Tam Stitches (2)Sweet Georgia Tam Stitches (3)


It’s a pattern that I created.  You can find it here.

10 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Tam”

  1. She’s a doll! Sometimes I think this is an added benefit of having kids: when the pattern doesn’t turn out just right, you just let them have it to enjoy ;-).

    I dig that pattern!

  2. Oh Rosie! It’s so cute! And I love the socks you’re working on now too. I just *finally* started a pair from the STR you sent me and wow, the difference in the way in knits up when you change the stitch pattern! I’m doing the Rock & Weave from last year’s sock club. Zonda sent me the pattern since she had no interest in knitting it and I couldn’t get it out of my head! Finally I’ve caved. I’m loving it! I’ll post a WIP pic this weekend.

  3. She is so cute! She looks so happy with her tam, so I guess it’s a good thing it came out too small. Who could say no to that smile?

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