When I dropped Alex off at school at 3:30 this morning for his trip to California, I left feeling….weird. Sort of not knowing what to feel. Partly freaked because he was going on a plane for the first time, not to mention away from home for 5 days without any of us. But also feeling like a good mother for letting him go. Shit, I felt like a GREAT mother!!!

I felt like I had reached a milestone in my parenting. As an avid knitter, I started comparing life with my kids to knitting.

Alex – he’s the oldest. He’s like your first scarf project. You make a shitload of mistakes, try to fix them, end up screwing it up even more. Then you learn how to work around your mistakes. You learn to be able to EXPLAIN your mistakes. You rip out the scarf, cast on again, and realize that you may make the same mistake again, but you quickly fix it and move on. The scarf is growing nicely and when it’s about 18 years feet long, you can cast off….maybe.

Esmie – she’s like my first lace project.  Daintier and more delicate because she’s a girl; lace because it’s more COMPLICATED raising a girl!  There are certain discussions you have to have with your girl and they have to be timed correctly.  Like the YO’s in lace.  If those YO’s aren’t in the right place, it just will not work out right.  But ooooh, the beauty of that finished lace. 

Rossani – she’s like my first sweater, in the round.  I’m more adventurous now.  I KNOW I can achieve something sturdier so I plunge on.  Make the occasional mistake, fix it quickly and keep plunging on.  It’s in the round so you go fast on this and tend to work on it most of the time.  Rossani is a tremendously adventurous kid.  She’ll try anything once or twice….or ten times.  :-))   She runs around the house ALL DAY LONG.  NON-stop.  Like straight stockinette in the round.  He.

Gian – I predict that after knitting raising the first three, G-Luc will be my Aran sweater.  He’ll be my greatest masterpiece.  Because, by then, I’m an expert knitter parent.  Right?


PS:  Alex called.  They’ve arrived safely and VERY happily in Minneapolis.  Waiting for the next flight to Sacramento.  Do these kids EVER miss their families when they’re away??  I asked him if he’d miss us.  He said yes.  Such a liar!  😀 

8 thoughts on “Parenting”

  1. I’m so proud of you Rosi, you did really good. Alex is such a great kid! wish we could’ve spent more time you guys when we were there! I hope he wins competition!

  2. I was thinking just the same thing last night, but more like when knitting is enough. Knitting has helped me cope with a lot, somehow, it’s not helping all that much with parenting. No analogy at all can make knitting as hard and difficult as it is being a parent.

  3. I haven’t parented, but I’ve knit quite a bit. So I’m getting a pretty good idea of what can be expected…

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