Fresh outta the mold!

What“So, what’s in the oven?”, you ask?  Well, as I’m sure you noticed from my previous post, I had a pretty busy and productive Easter weekend.  Something else I did was make a few batches of soap.  MMMM the heavenly scent in my kitchen and living room these days!  If you haven’t made soap before, I can only describe this scent all over your house as like having a Yankee candle lit in each room.  The scent travels all over the place.  Wonderful!

In these batches: Vanilla Chamomille, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and Moment of Peace.

Just hatched (1)Just hatchedSoap in the mold 

I’ll put everyone who leaves a comment today into a random number generator and select three people to send some soapy goodness to.  I know some of you have tried my soaps previously, but those of you who haven’t, I promise that it’s a great treat!  😉

Here, take a look at my Rosi G. site and you’ll see for yourself the stuff I used to cook up for sale.  No plans yet as to when I will re-open my shop but in the meantime, you guys get to enjoy treats for FREE when I do restock for personal use.

25 thoughts on “Fresh outta the mold!”

  1. The only thing (well maybe not the only thing, but I hope you get my drift) I never tried in my life is making soap. But I love handmade soap… so yes…I would love to get some… 😀

  2. So that’s why you’re the soapy knitter. Great! I would love to sample your soaps. I hope you start your soap business again. It looks like an amazing store.

  3. Oh wow, sorry I missed out on your store when it was open. It all looks so heavenly. The chocolate espresso soap looked very yummy! I can almost smell it 🙂

  4. Oh! I’ve heard about your soaps! That’s when I found out you had stopped! Hope you get to start up again! I love hand-made soaps!! I had no idea you baked them either, or is that the drying?

  5. Handmade soaps are so wonderful! My great grandmother use dto make soap all the time. A cousin started a soap making business using her name.

  6. I never win anything so I never attempt to, but when I saw that loveley soap I decided to try again.

  7. I was too busy begging to be entered in the contest that I read the other comments and just put it together too why your blog name is Soapy Knitter!! It makes sense now to me! Ha! :mrgreen:

  8. Oh damn, I missed the soapy treat! Next time 🙂

    You’re a knitting machine in transit, gal!

    (btw, the anti-spam word included “zephyr”!!!!)

  9. I used to make homemade soap a few years ago along with candles. Mine never came out
    looking as good as yours. Hoping you open your shop soon, so I can buy a few bars!

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