We interrupt this program…

lacy-scarf-3lacy-scarf-2Last Thursday I realized that today was the last day of school and I still had Li’l Rosi’s teacher to make a scarf for! YIKES!!! I quickly grabbed some yarn and dedicated my knitting time solely to a cute little lacey scarf pattern free from Knitty City. It has no name so I have called it: The Lacey Scarf From Knitty City. Appropriate, doncha think??

lacy-scarf-1I cast on 17 sts only and used 2 on each side for border and then followed the pattern as written. It worked out beautifully. The yarn is Valley Yarns Cotton something or other in the Opal colorway that I got from Webs some time ago (the cone had eleventybilliontrillion yards for like $3!!!). I dunno how much yardage I used. I know that I did 25 pattern repeats and called it a day! It was fast, easy ad cute.

branching-out-2For Esmie’s teacher, a while back I made the Branching Out scarf, heavily modified! HA! I used some Italian lace merino I got from School Products. I couldn’t seem to get into that Branching Out pattern AT ALL!!! So, I did it part of the way and then gartered myself over to the other side and then did Branching Out again to match the first end! VI-OLA! A scarf! HEH!

Waddya guys think? Think they’ll like them?

I put them each in a little box with a note and 2 bars of soap chosen by the girls and the girls drew and wrote all over the boxes. I hope the teachers enjoy their gift.

I also finished my Sangria skirt. MAAAN is this thing KAH-YUTE!!! Wait til ya’ll see it! I won’t take pictures of it until I wear it for it’s intended use and venue so it will have a special unveiling hopefully next week.  (I just have to knit 8 feet of I-cord for the drawstring and it’s ALL SET!)  😀

I finished a sock yesterday as I waited all day in EFFIN Family Court again – literally, 9 am to 5:45 pm all for NOTHING as we didn’t see the Judge cuz of my stupid a$$ attorney and we have been adjourned to October 23rd. I’m so pissed. I eventually cried myself a river later that evening when I felt I was gonna burst and then Tano came in and almost cried too cuz he finally saw me and we are just all so sick of this shit and just want it to be over. 🙁 We composed ourselves and continued to present a brave, strong front to the kids. Poor kids. I feel so bad that they are in the middle of all this bullshit. We do try to not mention TWFKAM or the whole case in front of them or to them and it’s been working somewhat. But behind closed doors…. 🙁

Enough of that.

Malabrigo Lace (2)Mystery Stole 3 - Swatch (1)This Friday is the release of Clue #1 in the Mystery Stole KAL and I can’t WAIT!! It seems that I’ll have enough of the Pale Khaki Malabrigo to do the entire stole in that one yarn. I still haven’t chosen the beads for it, tho.

What color beads do you guys recommend for that color yarn?

8 thoughts on “We interrupt this program…”

  1. hahaha! i’m so glad you love sangriai tihinkit is super-darn cute! every time i wear it i get a load of compliment (duhmust make more cute skirts!!)

  2. My son teacher’s ain’t get nothing! This has nothing to do with being cheap either. I just couldn’t be bothered. I really feel like they owe me something! Sad isn’t it. I suggest pearlish beads with a tinge of pink. I think it would be so classy.


  3. At least you are thoughtful enough to do something for your kids teachers!!
    That is so nice of you!!!

    Hey where is my soap lady!?! I see TurtleGirl already got her goods! 😉

    Oh I can’t wait to see Sangria!! I think I will eventually make me one too!

    I would recommend maybe khaki or very light pink pearlized beads for your mystery stole.
    I can’t to see that unfold!

    Rosi my love keep the faith, keep strong!

  4. I sucked this year…no gift for the teacher. Oh well.

    Beads…I like Necia’s suggestion…what size needle are you using with the malabrigo? Mmmm…malabrigo! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing Sangria!

  5. I clicked on the knitty city site, and couldn’t find the pattern! Do you have a more direct link, instead of to their home page, or does the pattern not exist anymore?? THanks!!!


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