Un Verano en Nueva York

Summertime in New York. Hot, muggy, yek. So we hit the pool a lot at Chez G. No, not OUR pool but city pools. Particularly, Jones Beach. We LURVE Jones Beach pool. This summer, I bought a one piece suit, cuz let’s be real: I ain’t gonna look good in no two piece!

Now, the one piece looked fine enough, but I wanted/needed a cover-up. I consulted with my favorite designer, Anne Hanson (ya’ll remember her right? HEHEHE!). I originally thought to maybe do a shawl and wrap it around me like a sarong and she said, “Oh, but have you seen Sangria??”

To me, Sangria is my all-time favorite wine from the Dominican Republic. Sweet. Manischewitz is the only thing that I’ve found close to it here. No surprise that Anne’s Sangria is going to be my new favorite bathing suit cover-up!

I wanted it short and flirty so I didn’t do too many repeats of the different charts. It came out PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even block it. Just put it on.

When I walked out of the house it barely covered my humongous gigantous voluptous trunk. I don’t have and won’t post pictures of that scene. HEHEHE But it looked so cute! When we got to the pool, my girlfriend says, “That’s not the skirt you told me you were making for the summer.” I said, “Yes, it is.” She goes, “Gitthefuckouttahere!!!!” I said, “Yep.” She goes, “WHERE THE HELL IS MINE?!?!?!” 😆 🙄


After a good dunk in the pool, this is what my skirt looked like when I got home:

It grew an inch or twelve!! Blocking. The miracle of lace knitting. 😆

Anne, thanks so much for recommending this pattern. I am so in love with it and I looked like a SEXY BEAST with it on! Lots of admiring looks, males and females. Heh! It covered up my ASSets very well, thank you! SMOOCHES!!

Pattern: Sangria Skirt
Source: KnitSpot
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Terra Cotta
Cost: $2.49 per skein (used 8 skeins, total cost: $19.92 ROCK ON!!!!)
Gauge: 20 sts = 4″ on size 6 needles in stockinette
Needles: Size 5 thru 9 Webs Bamboo Interchangeables
Started: June 11, 2007
Finished: June 21, 2007

17 thoughts on “Un Verano en Nueva York”

  1. well it looks hot rosi! i’m glad that worked out for you. i have mine on right now cuz it’s hotter than hades in ohio too.

  2. Very very nice, and I love the color. Do you think it was the lace that made it grow or the cotton factor? Did it spring back to shape after washing?

  3. Ooh Lala!! Very hot and sexy indeed. I’m not that brave though. Frank would have my asterisk if I went out like that. Hell I think half of Brooklyn would be looking to lock me away 😆

  4. That skirt came out adorable!! I’m impressed at how quick you knit it, wow!

    Applause, applause, from a newish reader and first-time comment-er.

  5. That skirt is cute!!! I also come to the realization of no more two pieces for me. I got to get me a tankini or one piece. But anyway nice job!

  6. It’s gorgeous! And I love your wet blocking method. Instead of crawling all over the floor with pins, you just take a dunk in the pool — you really know how to live, girl!

  7. Just found you on Ravelry – hello there!

    Ok, that skirt is adorable – I think I need one…. hmmm. What a great knit.

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