Bumblebees, Bunnies and an Honor

So last week I posted about my fantastic Summer Camp package. In this package was some gorgeous yarn from Blackbunny Fibers in the Honeybee colorway. 400 yards of handpainted superwash merino in which the color just GLOWS!

Black Bunny Fibers

Pondering what to make with it…maybe some Sidewinders?

Black Bunny Fibers (1)

In the meantime, I had plenty of fun skwooshing it!


Linda LaBelle from the Yarn Tree recently wrote a book about hand-dyeing, The Yarn Lover’s Guide to Hand Dyeing: Beautiful Color and Simple Knits. She interviewed several dyers including the folks at Schaeffer and Koigu. I was able to see the book in person from Linda last night at the Yarn Tree (it doesn’t come out until November so I was the EIGHTH person to see it! WOO HOO! definitely an honor!).

The Schaeffer house where all of the yarns are dyed up is soooo beautiful and the owner has the most beautiful gardens. I can’t wait to read all about my favorite yarn company and their processes when the book finally comes out!

The interview and pictures alone are worth it.

Ahhhh, but the techniques and lessons taught in this book. WOW! Amazon is DEFINITELY not doing this book justice right now. This book teaches you how to dye yarns in different ways, using different methods (like using a sponge brush), to achieve different effects (like self-striping or marbled), to KNIT different projects (patterns included!). There are many, many CLEAR pictures in this book along with the written instructions. You can definitely see the work and research that was put into creating this book.

It inspires one to try hand-dyeing as I will do as soon as I get it. I have had Kona fingering for dyeing in my stash for over a year now with no inclination to working on it. I looked online a few times at dyeing methods and just saw one huge mess that I wasn’t ready to undertake. But now, seeing how dyeing can be done cleanly and beautifully and artistically, I will be taking the plunge.

And all of that I got just by flipping through the book and looking at the pictures because I obviously didn’t have time to sit there and read it!!!! It’s definitely one that will be added to this knitter’s library as a keeper.

Go reserve your copy, folks. You will NOT regret buying this one. I promise you that.

5 thoughts on “Bumblebees, Bunnies and an Honor”

  1. Can’t wait to get home so I can see the pics of your yarn! It sounds lovely.

    The book review sounds great. You should add it to the Amazon reviews if you haven’t yet. I’ll be looking for it in the fall!

  2. *drools*

    That is some seriously pretty yarn.

    And I can’t wait to see the book. I mean we all know what a book whore I am. Books are my first love. Sorry, knitting, I didn’t learn you until I was in my 20s, but books, oh books, they have been my companion my whole life. I am really interested in dyeing. I picked up some lanaset dyes when Cristi and I went to Asheville and I really want to try them, but … well…I haven’t. I think I don’t want to drag the mess out before the move…this book will come out at the perfect time.

    hmmmm…I seem a bit rambly. Why? well, it is 5 am and I have less then 4 hours sleep. sorry.

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