Happy Belly Button Day!

Hispanics call Wednesdays “El ombligo de la semana.” The week’s belly button. Cuz you halfway there!

Ya’ll remember when I mentioned that there was alot going on? Well, what ha-ha-happened wuz that I have been living a SUPER miserable few months at my new job. Very condescending boss. Issues left and right. Couldn’t it take it. So much so that I called my old boss and asked for my old job. I was lucky enough to get it back, albeit with the old salary but seriously my peace of mind is worth waaaaaaaaay more than how much my paycheck is going to drop by. Plus, I need to love my job again and the only reason I left my old job was because of more money. Big jump in salary, ya know? But I learned a HUGE lesson: money ain’t e’erythang, ya’ll. If you have a job you love, but pays little, STAY THERE! You’ll reap rewards in other ways. I start being fully happy at work again on Monday. 😀

On to the knitting!

I swear I have like half a dozen MAJOR FO’s to show you guys. Should I do them back to back every other day? 😀

For now, let’s do WIPs.

1st up: Diamond Fantasy Shawl. We have gone from this:

to this:

Diamond Fantasy Shawl (2)

What the fuck? How can that beautiful skein of yarn look like Toucan Sam threw up his Froot Loops when knitted up? I haven’t been knitting on this much, even though I LOVE Makalu Lambgora. Necia finally saw a picture today and after almost busting a gut laughing, told me, that as my friend, she MUST convince me to frog it. That she KNOWS I won’t wear it. It didn’t take much convincing. Ribbit, Ribbit.

#2 – I’m designing and knitting up a shrug using sportweight sock yarn. Solid is Louet Gems Sport in Cream and colored is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the Aslan colorway. I’ll post the pattern when I’m done with it. I’m about halfway done.



#3 – The same socks I was working on before: Teosinte and Zokni


Zokni Anklets (1) Teosinte Socks (2)



#4 – Jeanine went and pointed out the Summertime Tunic to me. As if I needed to cast on something else. But I’m sooo glad I did. It’s such a simple knit, I’m flying through it and OMGOODHEAVENS is this yarn SCRUMPTIOUS to knit with. Rowan Summer Tweed. (YES! I know I was going to use it for another Coachella but I couldn’t resist!) This is going to be one of my favorite tops I’m sure. It’s so soft and fluffy and thick. I can see me wearing this top alone or layered this fall. Jeanine also suggested a chocolate ribbon to go through it. GREAT IDEA! I can picture it. Thanks, Boog!!!


Summertime Tunic (3)



That’s really all I’m knitting on right now! 😀 Like it’s not enough to keep me busy right? LOL But ya’ll know I need me some lace now to keep my brain hoppin’. So once this tunic is off the needles, I’ll cast on for more lace to replace the Diamond Fantasy.


BTW, Monday was my 33rd. So I cut off about a third of my hair. 🙂


cutting my cake (2)


12 thoughts on “Happy Belly Button Day!”

  1. Happy Birthday again BABY GIRL! 😀

    Everything looks good. Can’t WAIT to see u rockin that tunic!

  2. “What the fuck? How can that beautiful skein of yarn look like Toucan Sam threw up his Froot Loops when knitted up?” Oh my gawd, that about killed me, very funny
    ! Well, you’ll come up with another plan for the yarn, huh?

    Happy Birthday, your hair looks super cute, and 33? You’re just a pup!

  3. DAMN you’re knittin’! But I’m really happy to hear that you’re back at the old job; you’re definitely right that money ain’t all that worth it, not when you gotta deal with that kind of bullsheet! At least it hasn’t affected your productivity. 😉

    Looks like maybe that yarn would rather be a baby jacket or something to make little eyes cross! Hehehe….

    Happy birthday!!

  4. I never knew that about Wednesdays! I love that!

    Ooh yes! I so learned that lesson about 6 years ago that I rather be happy doing what I love even though it doesn’t pay much than to be rolling in dough miserable! Ugh!

    Welcome Back to a peace of mind & happiness! :oD

    ROTFL!! At threw up foot loops! LOL!! HAHA!

    Happy Belated 33rd!!!

  5. LOVE the hair!

    The first thing I thought when I saw the fruit loop shawl was that I liked the colors, but I couldn’t see anyone wearing it!

    Good for you for quitting the not-so-happy job! Happiness is worth a lot more!

  6. Happy birthday! What a gorgeous cake!

    Your description of that beautiful yarn knit up into that shawl was perfect. I wish you luck in finding the perfect pattern for it! I have a skein of Socks that Rock that I’m getting a little desperate about, trying to find a pattern that won’t make it look like ass.

  7. Wow, definitely lots of changes. I’m sorry the new job didn’t work out, but glad you were able to move back to your old job. Money definitely isn’t everything.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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