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This week I realized just HOW MUCH of a sock-knitting kick I’ve been on. While I thought I’d SLOWED DOWN the sock-knitting, turns out I have finished more than I’d thought! I guess that’s what happens when you have more than one pair of socks on the needles.

First up: Teosinte. Another great Anne Hanson (KnitSpot) pattern (BTW, she has a new online pattern store, have ya seen it?? No?? GO CHECK IT YO!) I modified it by knitting a reverse heel flap with a garter ridge edge thingy – LOVE this heel! Feels very comfy. The yarn is Claudia Handpainted. My first socks in Claudia and this yarn will DEFINITELY make more appearances in my knitting life because it was a joy to work with and the socks actually feel great when worn.

Finished Teosinte Socks (1)

Second: Zokni. Meh. It’s a pretty enough lace pattern but for socks, I prefer a lace pattern that isn’t difficult to memorize so that I can knit the socks standing up on the train if need be, without having to hold a copy of the chart under my arm and glance at it every few sts. The yarn, very splitty but another one that feels great when worn and when knitting it (despite splittiness).

Zokni Socks

Zokni Socks (3)

Third: Crosshatch Lace. I enjoyed knitting this pattern and it flew off my needles. Toe up, short-row heel. For the top of the sock, I used the Giotto sock pattern top. NOT a good idea. This top is NOT sturdy at ALL. The socks are floppy around the leg now and Lord knows that with my thick ass legs, I need something STIFF to hold up my socks. Well, not STIFF but it has to be tight. I had enough yarn left over from the Seacoast yarn I used for these that I ended up making Crosshatch Lace anklets for my 5 year old. So good yardage on that yarn. Nice to knit up too. But OH LAWD HAVE MERCY those socks hurts my feets! No matter what shoes I wear them in, they hurts the bottom of my feets. And I don’t have tender soles at all. I’m a TOUGH FEMALE, ya’ll. But these socks hurts, man. GEESH! I may have to use them for house socks.

Finished Crosshatch Lace (3)

Fourth: Sidewinder. The single one I finished. Look ya’ll: it fits my NINE YEAR OLD!!! Mind you, this is a size 9M, fingering yarn on size 1.5 Addis. Not sure what happened there, but since it fits her, I’ll knit the second one sooner or later. The yarn: Gedifra. Not crazy about it. This is my first time using it even tho it’s been marinating in my stash for a while now. It’s kinda rough feeling. I think I’m gonna soak the sock and see if it softens up after washing. I’ll get back to ya’ll on that.

Sidewinders (2)

Fifth (!): I started a pair of Cable Rib Socks. I really want to use up the STR that I got at Rhinebeck last year before THIS year’s trip! (RHINEBECK!!!) This yarn…I’m not a fan of it – or maybe I’m knitting it too tight (mediumweight yarn on size 1.5 addi’s) – the fabric looks good tho and I LOOOVE the colors in this yarn! Don’t you guys?? I made a mistake in the sock tho. Can you see it?

Cable Rib Socks


Cable Rib Socks (1)

How about NOW??

Cable Rib Socks (2)

But I ain’t ripping that shit back to fix one tiny little missing cable. Fuck that. Who the hells gonna notice it?? I’m way past the heel now that I noticed it. I’ll rip it if Cristi rips back her Cap shawl to fix the mistake she made eleventeen thousand stitches back. 😉

13 thoughts on “Socks, Medias, Zokni”

  1. 4,860 to be precise. And no way in hell am I doing that now. But I may have another go at dropping down the stitches. I’ll bet you could do that. But you know what? I’d leave it be and forget the cable for the rest of the sock. How cool would that be? You THINK it’s a plain stockinette sock and then TADA a secret series of cables. 🙂

  2. Dang! You said you were tired of shawl and now you are having another sock marathon.

    Love the Zokni socks! And the Sidewinders – but I heard they run tight!

    LOL @ ripping back if she does! Haha!! It ain’t happening

  3. Dang, gurl, you are on a sock knitting frenzy. Go ‘head and knit them socks! Nope, I wouldn’t rip back to fix the cable either. They look fine as they are.

    You may be knitting the mediumweight a little tight. Too bad about the Seacoast yarn. Hmm, I might not find it necessary to buy that anytime soon.

  4. Holy crap…how do you get so many socks done at once???

    I think you could totally make that uncrossed cable a design feature. Now if you can remember to not cross it on Sock #2!

  5. There is not enough vodka in the world to make Cristi rip back the cap shawl. I have seen her while drinking and she was no where NEAR ripping that thing back. I think you are safe.

  6. Wow, those are ALL great socks. Isn’t it hard to just stick to one at a time? I really like the simplicity of the socks with the simple cables on the sides (and don’t worry at all about the one you forgot — it won’t show to most people when you’re finished!)

  7. Oh, and I forgot to say that your print o’ the wave stole was absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you used a variegated yarn — it turned out great!

  8. Wow, you’re on a roll! Just keep going until you get sick of socks for a while. Because they all look great, and your sock knitting mojo is clearly working overtime!

  9. As usual, the socks look great. Maybe in this lifetime I will finish my CHL socks. That can’t POSSIBLY be the same STR that u and I bought 2gether last year? I’ve YET to use mine from last yr. As we have discussed a couple of times,I’m thinking it’s the wt that’s the issue. Now I’m thinking I may use mine for a Chevron scarf.

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